Wednesday, 19 December 2012

winter style Icon

I've had this image in my head of the look I want to go for this winter and I have to say I do feel it is inspired by Shenae Grimes who plays Annie on the hit show 90210. I love the simplicity of her outfits but they always look so glamorous. I'm not saying I'm going to go out and buy everything replica of hers, I am going to have my own style just be inspired by hers. Not just her clothing I'm especially a fan of her makeup it's just so flawless and like, she can wear a bold lip or smokey and eyes and still look effortless and natural which is a quite difficult thing to do.

dry lip season

So it's winter and as we all know winter leads most of us to them dry flakey lips that we hate right? This lead to try and test the lip balms I own because if i'm honest with you I hardly use them as much I should. I just find them a very boring and uninteresting product. All the lip products I use are very inexpensive and simple because of the fact that again I find them boring which is why I haven't been willing to take the plunge and fork out for one. I have two creamy based balms, two gel based balms and two stick based balms.

The next gold balm:
This is a really rich balm that does add a lot of moisture to the lips. Unfortunately it is quite a solid based product so it takes a lot of movement and effort to actually get the product on your finger to apply and I believe I received this in a gift set and I don't think its available to buy individually but don't quote me on that. You can always check the NEXT website.

The Olive lip butter balm:
This one I purchased from Costco but this formula of lip butter is everywhere in your local drugstore. I'm not crazy about the scents it's quite overpowering especially since its being placed directly underneath my nostrils which are soaking up all the olive scents. It does add moisture but I wouldn't say it's 'omg crazy soft lips' you need this one!

Dermavio lip care balm:
( tin) This is gel based again just an average joe tin of balm nothing bad nothing wow. It does what it say's on the tin. moisturizing, easy to use, good formula, nice sturdy packaging.

Dermavio lip care balm:
 ( Stick)  HATE! the smell of this is disgusting it just smells of?? actually i haven't a clue what the scent is but it knock me sick. its just really plastic and also when i'm trying to apply the product it all falls apart which is a massive no no!

Vaseline rosy lips:
Now everybody and their mother had and will own a Vaseline somewhere in their household. Its just an essential. I actually picked this up on a whim because I was staying at my boyfriends house and my lips were feeling really tight and just painfully dry so he took me to tesco to get some other essentials and they only had the pink one in store. Honestly I think I just prefer the original because this does not smell any different, doesn't add a different shade on the lips just does what the normal Vaseline was already doing.

Carmex moisture balm:
This was my first purchase of a carmex product and I don't why I haven't tried them before. I love this product. It is pigmented and actually gives a nice glossy pinky glow to the lips, moisturizes like nothing else does and leaves my lips with a nice minty feeling. Its a very refreshing product and the packaging is so sleek its like a real mini lipstick.

Monday, 19 November 2012


I thought i would post more on my blog about the outfits I wear to give you an insight into my fashion style and possibly give you some ideas. My friend was actually moving away to Australia so there was a big leaving party for her. below I've posted a photo about my outfit although in sorry for the bad quality it was really dark and took on my phone..

top: republic
skirt: river island
shoes: topshop
bag: primark

Thursday, 15 November 2012

topshop nails

I thought I'd share another nail post with you guys and surprisingly it's another topshop nail polish. because I don't play enough about them ahah.
seriously now I think I'm addicted! I love love love the nail polish line from topshop seriously can not find a fault with them. the one I'm wearing today goes by the title of thread bead. it's a really nice creamy browny nude and its perfect for the autumn/winter season.

what your favourite topshop shade?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scouse brow

For my readers in the UK you may be aware of the term Scouse brow? if not then i'll elaborate on it. Basically its an over emphasized brow that is quite thicker and darker than usual. Well I thought i'd attempt what it would look like on me. I don't think they look too bad, done correctly although they are worn my a lot of blondes who use a dark brown pencil or shaddow which I must say is a little daring. The scouse brow originated from the show desperate scousewives and if you just google 'the scouse brow' you'll see some horrendous extremes of it. I'm all for defining brows but I don't know if it's just me or do you guys hate when people literally look like they have sharpee'd there brows on, where the end is just as thick as the start.. like giant black tape on their face eugh!
 So below i'll go through it with you..

                                                   The original scouse brow

                                            My attempt of a scouse brow on me

Me without a scouse brow, my normal shape

Haha, so guys to scouse or not to scouse that is the question?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Poppy: how to wear

As many of you may be aware that November isn't just a celebration of fireworks and bonfires but it also a month which we dedicate to our brave and heroic soldiers who have fought in the war for this very country and our existence and free rights today. A way of respecting this tradition our nation wears a poppy to resemble the poppies they lay down of the soldiers but to rest. Now poppy's may be a traditional thing but they are part of our culture as a nation. I thought I could show you guys ways of wearing or making poppies in a variety of ways to show respect.
( I completely understand if you are traditional and don't want to alter or add to the standards already set, but for some people it may be an interesting way for them to show respect).
Some idea's i've had

- Just the tradition poppy and pin,
- A poppy badge ( i know they sell them )
- Pick up/make some poppy earring's (click here to see)
- Paint your nails with a poppy design on the accent finger
- Make a poppy designed cake
-Wear red clothing
- Poppy headband/hair clips
- Buy a poppy phone case? (click here to see) 

Just a few ideas I thought may come in handy? what are you guys doing this remembrance day..

Wardrobe organization.

hey guys, If you remember in a previous post I shown a jacket which I customized and explained to you all how we were throwing some of our old clothes away and I used this as an excuse to redesign and organize my wardrobe. Now in my bedroom I don't have loads of storage space as it is quite a small room but I make it work. I decided the best way to explain how its organised is going through everything and explaining where it is place.

Clothes: First of all my wardrobe is a three door wardrobe so that a double one and one single on the end all joined together so my clothes are hung up in order of coats, jackets, jumpers, tops, skirts, shorts, dresses trousers.
Shoes: My shoes are placed on the bottom of my double wardrobe and more expensive or fancier ones are on the top shelf.
Evening dresses: these hang in the single wardrobe.
Bags: Bags go in the bottom section of my single wardrobe
underwear, pj's, gym clothes, dance clothes: are all in a chest of draws.
Hats & scarves: these go in the bags above my wardrobe.

How do you guys organize your wardrobe, leave a comment below..

Monday, 5 November 2012


So i've just noticed i've got to 100 followers which may not seem like a lot to most bloggers but i', grateful for everyone of you guys that clicked the follow button on my blog. I know i've recently been absent from blogging but i'm not going to lie to you guys I lost passion for it and that's about it.. I couldn't think of new things to write about and over the summer I was just off enjoying it working, going out and not being stuck behind a computer. But since I started work, I earned money and now I can indulge and buy new products and just enjoy bogging the way I used to. So anyway thank you everybody and now i'm back trying to get myself into a routine i'm thinking of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday? I know i've been posting daily recently but i'm loving it!
Thanks again everybody, i'm so grateful.

Jade xoxo

Shabby jacket upgrade.

The other day my family and I we're going through all of our wardrobes ( which I took the chance to redesign and organised my wardrobe, eventually) anyway, we was look for a load of old clothes or pieces of fabric to take to a charity shop just because the house was getting out of control with old coats hanging in closets and shoes all over the floors. Shopaholic family eh?
I seen my Dad's old jacket which was literally like 4 years old but hardly worn because he didn't like it on him. It had been hanging up in the closet for ages and I don't know why I never though of this before. It was just lay there on top of a giant black bag just appealing to me so i grabbed it and dashed upstairs to try and transform it into a more feminine feel.

So before it's all shabby and baggy and looks a little like a sack.. now i'm not saying I totally transformed it into a Chanel garment but I really like the edgy slightly hobo feel to it.

So firstly I rolled up the sleeves to give it a more feminine feel and so you'll show some skin when its one, tightened the waist a little and my favorite part is I studded it! Now i didn't want to go all out stud's but just a little detail that draws attention.

I think I like this becuase the whole army/military thing is in style now and its a really edgy/urban trend i think.

My inspiration for this project.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Topshop brazil

As I am sure most of you guys are aware I am completely obsessed over Topshop Nail polishes. I have my own little collection going and don't think it will stop anytime soon. The latest addition to my little family is topshop's Brazil polish. Firstly I think the name is very appropriate with the polish. On to the polish itself, Brazil consists of a clear polish covered in multicolored particles of glitter and little glitter reflects. I feel it is quite a summer polish but I reckon it will work well for the Christmas season what with all the glittery decorations and Christmas party's about, perfect!
I wore it over a plain white nail tip polish, none branded just your typical white in order for me to see the product true to its colour as its not strong enough to cover the nail on its own. I really like this polish its so pretty and I think it could be quite universal, all over the nails, accent nails, glitter nail tips. Just a few ideas there for you but anyway overall I think its a great colour and only cost's £6.00 which I feel is reasonable for 8ml's worth of polish

For some reason it kind of reminds of the white chocolate  jazzels sweets, anyone else agree?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Topshop wishlist A/W 2012

So recently i've been malling over everything that topshop have on their website. I dont shop in topshop as much as I would like too since it isnt in the shopping centre closest to me. Whenever I do shop in topshop I ALWAYS pick up a nail polish ( well I say I, I mean my boyfriend- sort of like he's little thing to treat me.) and anyway I have a few clothing items from there but im becoming obsessed with there accessories and makeup. I think topshop do the best high street shoes by far! and there bag collections are just to die for.
I really like the nude and black look for this fall for some reason I think it looks extremely classy and chic.& I like the idea of taking something that looks quite feminine and adding spiked detailing to it to give it an edge but not make is 'punk rocker' so to speak.

What are your current trend loves or topshop loves like me?
post below..

Lush pop in the bath review

Firstly I should start by saying sorry guys I know I've been off the blogging scene for some while now, but im back! and what better way to get back into it then to do a lush review since everybody loves lush. So the other day me and my boyfriend went to out local shopping center to watch Madagascar 3(for reference its amazinggggg!)
Anyway and we stopped by topshop and lush, which he treated me to a few things and the first one I've tried out is the 'pop in the bath bubble bar'

Lush says: 'crumble the bar under the hot running tap, let the water make huge piles of bubbles-then you think, you wink, you do a double blink, you close your eyes and jump in.'

So i followed all the instructions and it did make HUGE piles of bubbles but they do start to gradually reduce once your in the bath, i used about 1/3 of the bar so have another 2 uses left yet. Pop in the bath is very beautiful to look at, a blue base with a pink flower on top. The bar cost £2.90 which makes it just a little less that £1.00 per bath if you use it three times which I think is perfectly reasonable. It smells amazing but it does not seem last on the skin once your out the bath. It was very easy to crumble under the water but I found it difficult to break off. Overall it is a good ( not great but good) bubble bar although i'm unsure on if i would repurchase it or branch out to try something else.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sleek Brown kit review

I don't know about you guys but I for one feel unfinished in the morning doing my makeup unless i have defined my eyebrows, mine are a good shape and colour just lacking a bit in thickness.
Don't get me wrong i don't go for the full big thick black scouse brow but, a thickened more structured brow is what I like. I've never really purchased a specific kit for brows and normally just used my £2.99 rimmel brow pencil in hazel, which i must say is a very good pencil but for me, i just felt I needed something a little more. How I cam across this product? well I read a couple blog posts and seen a few videos when it first came out of like people who was sent it for review, and a couple who just purchased it free will and they all seemed to me mostly positive, about 3 weeks ago when I was in superdrug with my boyfriend I came across this product and thought id give it a whirl. OMG i'll just say it now, I am in love with this kit. Its essential in my makeup routine now! It comes with a powder and a wax to set the brows along with two brushes and some mini tweezers.. in all fairness i do use my own angled brow brush to fill them in just because the brush it comes with is a little too small and tricky for me personally and i haven't got round to using the tweezers yet but im presuming they'll be the same. Don't get me wrong there good to have in the kit for traveling purposes or if you see a little suborn hair that you want rid. Mine is in the colour dark, and a down side to this product, well the only real downside despite the brushes ( which may be fine for you guys) is that there is a limited selection of shades, well actually theres light and dark so nothing for the inbetweeners!

-good colour match for me
-easy to use
-affordable at £8.50 compared to HD brow palette ( try ELF for £3.75)
-good sized mirror
-good for traveling

-limited colour selection
- the brushes (for me)
- and i suppose not that easy to get hold of outside of UK

Saturday, 18 August 2012

blog shop, maybe?

Hey beautiful readers, just a quick update on an idea i've been forming recently. Since starting up my blog a year ago i've always wanted to have my own little shop boutique but have been debating it for some time now, i'd sell either jewelry or customized clothing im not sure but it would be made 100% my be and only will happen if its what you guys want. I know a lot of people do have blog shops on their blog where they sell like, old clothes they dont want anymore, or things they've  purchased but didn't end up wanting you sort of like ebay but on your blog. I have no clue but the idea of my own shop really appeals to me so please, if you have any ideas or request as to what your main thing you would want me to sell is please feel free to email me

All request are welcome and maybe we can get this thing up and running,

love you all, Jade xx

Top polishes for autumn

Hey guys,
with the English summer being, well pretty much none existent and with me purchasing so many bright nail polishes and being sent some amazing colours this season im upset that its nearly time to put them away and mute it down a little now I guess. So me thinking i would be one ahead of the game I looked at my collection and thought i'd pick out the polishes i'm most exited about wearing and what I think will match the season trends. I've been loving wearing bright yellows,oranges and greens recently and will be pretty devastated that the last chance i'll probably get to wear them this season will be on holiday. I do love all the colours i've picked out and it has made me more exited for the fall so hopefully you guys will like these colours too.

No.7 totally teal, miss sporty no name, max factor toffee, topshop ice crush, barry m rasberry

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

models own brush set review

as many of you guys will be aware that I'm going on holiday soon with all the summer clothing hauls I do haha (one coming soon too ;) ) but anyway yes I am away soon which means I'm traveling, which then means I'm clearly in need of some decent travel brushes to add to my collection. I initially only wanted an angled eyeliner brush for when I fill my brows in and with this set being £10 for 5 brushes I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
that handle of the brushes are neon orange which I personally love to pieces with dip dye white to orange brush hairs. they come protected with bristle covers. additionally they are labeled on them what they should be used for which makes them really good for people who are new to makeup or dont really wear makeup enough to justify the price of some makeup brushes out there. all I all I love these brushes and would advise them for people who can't afford a sigma/Sedona lace brush set or for beginners.. although like me they are good to have in your brush kit for more experienced brush buyers because they are good quality!

Friday, 10 August 2012

mens summer tips

since a lot of you was interested in my tips to make get women that desired 'bikini body' heres some additional tips for males too..

How to Look Good on the Beach – A Guide for Men
It’s not just women who strive to look good on the beach and it’s not just women who can follow a few tips to achieve their desired beach look. With gender equality more evident than ever, the traditional gender differences and boundaries are seemingly merging with each passing day, with more and more men turning to fake tans and waxing!
If you have aspirations to be a beach God then you may be interested in reading the following tips on how to look good on the beach.
Watch what you eat and exercise
It goes without saying that most people – including men – would like to lose a few pounds before showing all on the beach. The easiest way to accomplish a more slender and toned frame is, of course, to eat a healthy well-balanced diet and to accompany a healthy eating plan with some exercise.
Of course, it is always healthier to adopt a permanent lifestyle change which combines healthy eating and regular exercise than it is to try a quick fix a few weeks before you depart for your holiday.
Choice of swimwear
Men’s swimwear has come a long way since the woollen long johns men were forced to wear in the early twentieth century. From Lycra Speedos – if that’s your thing – to stylish boxers, elegant trunks and a pair of comfy yet classy board shorts, men now have a huge choice of swimwear available to them.
With such a wide choice of mens swimwear on offer, it shouldn’t be too difficult for men to choose a style of swimwear to cater for their individual style, body and requirements.
Bring on the self tan!
Self tanning lotion should not just be an asset of a woman’s wash bag. On the contrary, with the scare of skin cancer and premature aging caused by exposure to the sun, it is a sensible precaution to use these lotions rather than to expose yourself to sunbeds or go out in the sun without adequate UV protection.
Modern self tanning lotion is highly sophisticated. Long gone 
are the days of risking walking around with orange streaks on your legs! Today, self tans can look completely natural, meaning that women and men can look great on the beach without putting themselves at risk. 

Thanks for reading, Jade x

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Body tips!

We're all getting to that stage where our summer body will have the bare all in a little two piece bikini and we've waited untill the last minute to try and buff up our body to its maximum potential on such a short time limit! don't worry your not the only one so I've put together a few tips in preparation for your dreaded bikini bod preview to help you along the way..

A few weeks before:
- Buy a firming creme, many company's do one like soap and glory for £16.00 put if that's a bit too expensive palmers do a firming body butter for around less then a fiver that could help you out too.. Just massage it into the skin every morning and before bed, i would recommend photographing the journey if its possible, just for your benefit and help you know if there are any results, also creams can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

- DO Exercise. now im not saying join a gym and do a 5k run everyday, just do little simple exercises like sit ups, leg raises, squats but my tip would be to do them whilst your either listening to the radio or watching your favorite evening tv show, watching you tube videos, anything that when your concentrating on the thing your watching, you wont realize that you can do a lot more that you think you can!

-Drink water! i know its a simple thing that everybody says but it will hydrate your skin in preparation for all the drying sun, help you loose a couple pounds since your not stocking up on sugary carbonated drinks and will also do wonders for you skin, face wise if your going to be sat around the pool make-up free.

A few days before:

-Dry body brushing, get a body brush and wherever your have cellulite or uneven skin brush your skin in an upwards motion towards your heart! do it in a circular motion as well to improve the blood flow and even the skin level out, this will minimize and reduce the appearance although it can not be used as permanent fix, take your body brush away to do it on the go!

-Cut carbs out of your diet a week before you go away, unless you are exercising.. carbs stock up as fat when they are not being burnt and the last thing you want before you go away is to stock up a few more inches to the hips.

- Get in as much exercises as you thing you can do, sit ups and leg raises lay on your side are the best to help stomach fat and inner thighs.

~ Additionally buy swimming costumes/bikinis that are appropriate for your body shape and flatters you in all the right places, get fitted breasts for women with bigger breasts and get the correct patterns in your bikini's as some can make you look wider than you are.

Payday haul

So the other day was that day most of us all look forward to.. PAYDAY! since theres been a burst of summer sales recently and i've been itching to buy some certain things i thought why not? everybody deserves a treat right? now i'm sure some long time followers are aware that i'm huge on bargains and love sales wayyy too much. infact it's rare I buy a lot of things full price unless I just can't live without them. anyway on with the haul, heres all the things I did purchase from my little shopping trip and a lot of them are very summer based as I am taking them to Turkey with me early september.
So this top is just a cheap top from primark as I was going to an event where I needed to wear red so I was a little like, eeeek I Don't own a lot of red things in my wardrobe but the cute peter pan collar and reduce price to £3.00 made me just pick it up since, i won't really be that fussed if I never wear it again.

 This I picked up from River island, in the huge summer sale reduced from £35.00 to £10.00 which is a bargain! it  fits like a glove, seriously.. this is in a size 8 and it hides everything you want hiding but the slight sinching in at the waist gives you curves in the appropriate places, and as its a play suit it covers everything south end ( if you know what i mean) which is good for nights out.

 Now this one had to be one of my most loved items i've purchased this little shop, again its from primark and only cost me £5.00 reduced from £13.00.. i love how it reminds me of sweets and again fits so well to my body shape. perfect for holiday.

This one is a little bit of a difficult item to photograph purely because of the way it falls, buts its a skater dress, and this one was actually purchased by my boyfriend as a cute little out of the blue gift, again in sale down to £12.00 from topshop.

This dress was a huge bargain at £8.00 which isn't dear anyway reduced down to £3.00.. i loved the grey and lime green contrast with the wrap cut out core body section, I feel it will look amazing with a tan although the studded detailing did not come on the dress, i put that on myself to give it a little bit of 'something more'

Both of these shoes were originally priced at £13.00 each and went down in the sale at dorothy perkins when i took a recent trip to wales for the smidge price of £3.00. WHAT? saving me twenty pound in total I got two pairs of sandals for £6.00

Overall I feel i did get so many good bargains for holiday, becuase I hate paying full price for things to go on holiday with, the way I see it i'm in them a week or two then there in the suitcase on top of the wardrobe untill next year!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

fashion want!

I was searching for ascent sized airplane carry on bag to just put all my essentials in and i looked everywhere.. topshop,Asos,river island, republic,bank,h&m,new look so then I popped over to Zara and the first bag I saw I loved! it was on the sale for £15.99.. but since my boyfriends in spain and it was there for 10 euro I thought of ask him to see of he can pick it up. I'll keep you guys updated if I manage to get it or not put I do love it!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

ASOS £100 challenge

I found out from another blog that I read that 'The discounter code blog' are hosting a competition for readers to make their ideal outfit from the clothes available on the ASOS website only and within a limit of £100. Sound pretty simple right? wrong, this was such a difficult task since there's so much selection on ASOS and in today's society 100 quid doesn't get you all that far. I thought this competition was such a great idea, it fun, free and gives you an amazing oppertunity to actually win £100 to shop on ASOS.

I thought i would share with you what I created from the clothes on the ASOS website, I love everything I picked and think it all goes really well together, actually if i did win this competition this would be the exact outfit i'd preferably get, but its not about winning really.. just thought it would be fun & If you guys would like to do it too head over Here to find out more.

River Island Skater Skirt £16.00

ASOS T-Shirt with Quilted Section £18.00

ASOS PARAMOUNT Wedge Court Shoes £30.00

ASOS Metal Frame Clutch Bag £18.00

Models Own Trend Nail Polish Collection £5.00 (shade peach sherbet)

River Island Maisie Sunglasses £10.00

Asos Fox ring £3.00

TOTAL: £100

All in all I chose this outfit because I thought it would be perfect for summer, Tuck the quilted top into the skater skirt to give a more defined figure, the peach polish will look clean and contrast well against the bright lime/yellow bag and your summer tan, plus the gold ring and gold frame work of the sunglasses will match the bags metal rim perfectly.  Colour blocking wedges add a bit more a statement whilst the casual tee still allows it to not look as overdone. Perfect for going day to night, just take of the sunglasses, add some eyelashes and done! 

Hope you guys like

Friday, 20 July 2012

attempting bleaching DIY

I've seen a lo of posts and videos on DIY/ customised clothing with beads, crochet, studs, bleach, tie die, dip
dye: you name it I've read about it. so the other day in asda I picked up a cheap old plain green long tee for like 2 quid to try something with. I prefer the whole not perfect, shabby chic' grungy type look so I tried to recreate what imagined doing in my head with this top. bleaching it scattered and studding it. the end result wasn't as blended as I ha images and looks a bit mor splashy than I has originally planned. overall I'm more impressed with my studding as a posed to the actual bleach but all in all it's a wearable item. looks a lot more interesting than when I first purchased it and is extremely cheap to make. I you want a step by step what I did to create it please don't hesitate to ask.
thanks for reading,Jade x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday cleaning

so today I decided it was about time I should of cleaned my everyday makeup brushes since I've been putting it if for ages. I know I know it's a huge germaphobe thing but I don't find it a joyous or relaxing thing to participate in so the longer it's kept away the better, now before all the advice on how unhygienic it is to not clean my brushes I do spot clean them 2 times a week with just a spray bottle. but today I was talking a full on deep clean in all the nucks and crannies.. using simple baby shampoo and hot water I mauled over the sink giving into the gathered up dirty brushes! it was all worth it since there clean and tidy.. for now!

- if you want a brush collection/review please let me know

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

max factor free gift review

hey all, as many of you will know max factor/boots always have free gift offers when you spend a certain amount of money so since I was picking up their panstick foundation I thought if get a few more things to make up the money to the free gift. ao the free gift did include a sample of mascara, a lipstick in the shade English rose, a £3 off any max factor foundation, a sample of their cream blush and a red bail polish. now the mascara is a pretty good mascara and is a food sample size to just throw in my bag, same with the size of the lipstick although the shade isn't the most flattering on my skin but you never know It could come in handy one say. for the blush, that's the thing I love the most from this gift.. it's so easy to blend into the skin and it's a lovely shade for summer. the voucher domes in handy as I love my panstick foundation so next time I can hopefully get it for £3.99 bargain! and the nail polish I am VERY disappointed at as mine came with the top rim of the glass bottle shattered and a piece broke off when I opened if so I am going to complain to my local boots store! overall it is a good box and it's worth getting If you buy and like max factor products anyway plus it all comes in a cute union jack box so yayyyyy

Monday, 9 July 2012

things i want to do this summer

1. Obviously, have an amazing summer holiday sinse im going to turkey with all the girls I know from dance.. it should be amazing!
2. Do a swap with somebody from the blogging community that lives outside the UK like australia/america/italy/spain to get some products we can't get over here.
3. Get a tattoo but i'm not sure if i'm brave enough for this one yet!
4.Take a trip to London to spend the entire day just sight seeing and shopping.
5. Go camping with all my friends again like we used to, good old days.
6. Have a huge BBQ/pool party that last's all day and night.
7.Set up a blogger shop on this blog selling like, customized clothing or anything like that really.
8. learn to drive when I return from holiday if i have enough money.. yayyy!
9.Do a blog sale if enough people are interested.

OOTN: neon

so, the other night I went out and decided to wear my newest purchase from river island.. a matching bodycon skirt and bandeau. costing a whopping £6.00 for the outfit on sale and 3 quid a pice how could I resist!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

small summer haul

payday was here today so I went to town to see if I could find anything for my holiday.. in all honesty I was a little disappointed as everywhere had sales ( I know what your thinking.. how can you not like sales?) but in fairness I felt like they put so much crap out in the sales it annoyed me so much! I only came home with four things and although I am very happy with them all I'd of loved more variety to choose from, ah well better luck next time eh
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