Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wardrobe organization.

hey guys, If you remember in a previous post I shown a jacket which I customized and explained to you all how we were throwing some of our old clothes away and I used this as an excuse to redesign and organize my wardrobe. Now in my bedroom I don't have loads of storage space as it is quite a small room but I make it work. I decided the best way to explain how its organised is going through everything and explaining where it is place.

Clothes: First of all my wardrobe is a three door wardrobe so that a double one and one single on the end all joined together so my clothes are hung up in order of coats, jackets, jumpers, tops, skirts, shorts, dresses trousers.
Shoes: My shoes are placed on the bottom of my double wardrobe and more expensive or fancier ones are on the top shelf.
Evening dresses: these hang in the single wardrobe.
Bags: Bags go in the bottom section of my single wardrobe
underwear, pj's, gym clothes, dance clothes: are all in a chest of draws.
Hats & scarves: these go in the bags above my wardrobe.

How do you guys organize your wardrobe, leave a comment below..


  1. My wardrobe is so messy compared to yours, i should really organize it!

  2. Dont worry, you wanted to see mine before.. bomb sight. xx

  3. just inspired be to organize my pig sty of a wardrobe! haha! <3

  4. I'm constantly organizing my wardrobe! I need a bigger one lol
    Great post :) Xx

  5. My closet is an absolute nightmare. Normally I just throw everything in there, shut the door and hope for the best. I'm considering the PAX Wardrobe system from Ikea so hopefully it helps my organization!

  6. Yours is so well organised! My wardrobe at home is quite well organised but my uni one is a bit of a disaster with too many clothes and not enough space! xxx


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