Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scouse brow

For my readers in the UK you may be aware of the term Scouse brow? if not then i'll elaborate on it. Basically its an over emphasized brow that is quite thicker and darker than usual. Well I thought i'd attempt what it would look like on me. I don't think they look too bad, done correctly although they are worn my a lot of blondes who use a dark brown pencil or shaddow which I must say is a little daring. The scouse brow originated from the show desperate scousewives and if you just google 'the scouse brow' you'll see some horrendous extremes of it. I'm all for defining brows but I don't know if it's just me or do you guys hate when people literally look like they have sharpee'd there brows on, where the end is just as thick as the start.. like giant black tape on their face eugh!
 So below i'll go through it with you..

                                                   The original scouse brow

                                            My attempt of a scouse brow on me

Me without a scouse brow, my normal shape

Haha, so guys to scouse or not to scouse that is the question?


  1. Haha i've never heard of a scouse brow but i think they look pretty good actually :)

  2. They're fucking hideous and trampy and please don't ever go out like that.
    It's even worse when you see blonde girls with brown or black scouse brows.
    I'm pretty sure when people say "scouse brow" they are taking the piss out of people's bad makeup choices.
    You're a very pretty girl but please don't do it.


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