Monday, 22 April 2013

birthday night out

So on saurday night it was my birthday night out to celebrate that I had just turned 18 EXCITED! and I was going into manchester for drinks with my best girl mates and btw I had an amazing night. So on to my outfit I picked this dress up from Zara a couple of months ago not for a specific occasion but becuase it was an absolute bargain in the sale and I loved the simple detailing on it with petite gold studs around the neckline and a low cutting V back. For me this was a really comfertable dress to wear because it was a good length and was tight and hugged my figure but wasn't too tight I had to constantly adjust it if it was showing off any lumps or bumps that I wanted concealing, just perfect. I did wear some chunky platform tan leather heals from zara which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday but i didn't manage to capture them in the picture and don't worry there will be a birthday haul coming soon so you'll see them then. Then I had an issue because for the life of me I could not find a bag that matches the shade of my shoes so I had the genius idea of throwing leopard in there because it has a lot of brown shades and black shades so it will pull the whole thing together and it did just that, my leopard print bag was a bargain at £7.99 from H&M. So that was my outfit but because of the nice and delicate detailing in the dress I wanted to wear my hear just up in a top knot but my natural hair had too many layers in it to look elegant so I went to the salon and bought a clip in pony tail ( I'll review it if requested) but I LOVE IT, its so easy and simple and completely transformed my overall look, I just threw my H&M hair cuff over the top of the joining on the pony to give it a more natural appearance. As for my makeup the products I used were estee lauder double wear maximum foundation, NYC glamour false lashes, topshop neon rose blush, Nars lagoona, sleek brow kit dark and rimmel apocalips in luna. Hope you liked my outfit guys and thanks for reading.
                                                       xoxo Jade

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Summer Scents

Personally I'm not a massive perfume fan, I tend to only receive them for birthdays and Christmas i'd never go out and purchase one on my own. Jean Paul Gaultier is one perfume I never ever run low on, I love most of the scents and my boyfriend buys me a different 'naked lady bottle' every year when he goes away on holiday, I love this scent for spring but I am really bad at actually describing them. This scent isn't floral or too feminne it has a kind of spice and kick to it which is right up my street. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging of all the classique fragrances every year. As for the michael Kors very hollywood perfume, I got this at christmas and as you tell I have used it a bit, I only 30ml so it wasn't going to last a lifetime, to me this is a lot more feminine and flirty girl which I think would be perfect for summer nights out and things of that nature. Now i'm just waiting for the weather to brighten up since i'm getting pretty much everything else all preppared for summer.

                                                   Thanks for reading xoxo Jade

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wishlist #4

neon dress asos, stripe jacket Zara, Bowler har H&M, black bag La Moda
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