Saturday, 31 March 2012

Topshop: Spring nails

With it being spring now and me trying to reach away from my usual berry's, red's and purples on my nails I popped into topshop and though't i'd pick up a few nail varnishes.

I haven't tried there nail polishes before so I just got two in case i didn't like the finish of them.. I opted for ones a little out of my usual comfort zone with me feeling all adventurous and what not.

These were to two I got, I purchased the light blue on but had my eye on the lilac white one too so my boyfriend got that for me ( being all cute) And i have to say I LOVE these colours, I was sceptical of the blue at first because it isnt a colour i tend to want on my nails just because I find them hard to pair with my wardrobe but W O W, it looks stunning the on nails.

So for the shades I got, they are..

Waterlily 101
Celestial 105

I will keep you updated on my opinion on them the more I wear and compare them

 thanks for reading  xoxo

Monday, 26 March 2012

jewelry organization

I've been trying to find a perfect jewelry organization set up for ages, frankly my rooms small and still undergoing decoration and preparation and it isn't completely finished so I've spent the past months with my jewelry in various random boxes, then 'light bulb' I thought why don't hand them on my door hooks, easy access, I can see what I have to match my outfits & best of all NO TANGLE'S

So heres what I did, just hooked it all up on my stand and I love it now, simples.

Easy peasy.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


For all you M.A.C lovers out there who read this blog,
just to inform you that a fellow and very beautiful blogger who i've just discovered is having a mac lipstick giveaway of your choice & you can enter it  right here, why not I mean whats to loose?

Apologies if this isn't a blog post your interested in but thought i'd get the word out for those you are

xoxo thanks for reading.

Birthday Wishlist

My birthdays coming up soon so I thought i'd just share with you some of the things I've been eyeing up recently,
please note that I don't want or expect everything on this list, I will be grateful if I get anything because I my parents are paying for me to go on Holidays with all my friends during the summer.

Top shop leggings

Chanel Bronze universal
River Island Striped heels

Ebay Vintage tote bag

M.A.C creme de nude

Leopard print Tee

Nars Lagoona

Black converse

Mac Studio Sculpt concealer

Thanks for reading xoxo.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


This is just a little giveaway as I have been absent from the blogging world for a while now &  feel my post's havn't been high in quality, in all honesly i've just lacked motivation & been spending all my time looking for a job as being a broke student is not a luxurious life. So to make up for it..

I decided to do a little giveaway with it turning spring now I thought i'd give one of my amazing readers a chance to win something very colorful, bright and vibrant. I found it difficult to choose what to get you guys so hope you like.

You can win this No.7 ( you know i love my No.7) stay perfect lipstick in 'Gay geranium' Its a redish orangey coral and I just adore it so much. I feel it would match anybody's skin tone and look amazing this summer.

So onto the rules:
1) Just comment below this post saying what blog post you'd like/want me to do for you.
2) Just follow me on twitter because thats how I will contact the winner JadeGrimes_ 

- the winner will be chosen through & this is open world wide.

Good luck xxx

Friday, 16 March 2012


Outfit of the night.
It was my friends 17th birthday party recently and I thought I'd do a simple upload of my outfit since I havn't blogged in a while and i'm a little rusty, hope you like..

Tank top- GAP
Shorts- A local store near me but you can find some similar at
Tights -  Topshop
Shoes- H&M suede wedges
Bracelet- Pandora 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bright eyes

 Yesterday I was modeling for a friend of mine who is a makeup artist and she said she was doing editorial 'bright eyes' makeup on me so I thought i'd show you her pre-obvs photogrographs that she took of me.

This is just one of my eyes closed so you can see all the colours and blending.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review: Wake me up foundation.

I hauled a few post's ago that I purchased the Rimmel londons new foundation ' wake me up' as it claims to give a fresh-faced look without being cakey.
I got mine in the sahde ivory, which I have to say is a good colour match. When I compared this new foundation to their lasting finish foundation in ivory its obvious that they have made the colour shades a lot lighter.

The good:
  • medium coverage but is buildable
  • fairly long lasting ( better with a primer)
  • It has a pump that gives just the right amount
  • Good for my dry skin ( not sure about oily)
The bad:
  • Horrible packaging
  • The slight shimmer ( not that I dont like it, it just dosent state theres shimmer)
  • dosent last as long as other foundation but it will see you around 4-5 hours
  • dosent photograph the best because of the SPF

All reviews made and opinions given on this blog are completley my own.