Saturday, 31 March 2012

Topshop: Spring nails

With it being spring now and me trying to reach away from my usual berry's, red's and purples on my nails I popped into topshop and though't i'd pick up a few nail varnishes.

I haven't tried there nail polishes before so I just got two in case i didn't like the finish of them.. I opted for ones a little out of my usual comfort zone with me feeling all adventurous and what not.

These were to two I got, I purchased the light blue on but had my eye on the lilac white one too so my boyfriend got that for me ( being all cute) And i have to say I LOVE these colours, I was sceptical of the blue at first because it isnt a colour i tend to want on my nails just because I find them hard to pair with my wardrobe but W O W, it looks stunning the on nails.

So for the shades I got, they are..

Waterlily 101
Celestial 105

I will keep you updated on my opinion on them the more I wear and compare them

 thanks for reading  xoxo


  1. They are really nice shades! I need to try Topshop nail polishes, heard so many good things xx

  2. Aww these are lovely pastel shades! Great Blog as well :) I've just done a blog post on nail polish check it out at;

  3. Throughout the winter I was always reaching for dark purple and reds, but I can't get enough of pastels now it's spring! These colours are lovely, I've yet to try topshop make up but I really need to! Really liking your blog, New follower :) xxx

  4. That is such a pretty blue color! Definitely looks like one to wear all spring! :)

  5. cute nails! please follow. I will do the same! thx!

  6. Colours are super cute!! I love Topshop colours, although I'm defo not a fan of paying £5/6 quid for nail polish ha!



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