Thursday, 24 January 2013

I did it: Ombre

Hey lovelies, now if you remember a couple post's back I wrote about how I was tempted to Ombre my hair. I know a little late on the band wagon but nether the less i bit the bullet and did it. I popped into boots after my dance practice on Sunday and bought the DIY L'oreal wild ombre kit for the darkest hair, this kit comes in three shades for dark brown, medium brown and dark blonde. Excuse the lighting on my face and my lack of a nose on it but I needed good lighting to show the true colour of my hair, it's more of an in between brown and blonde shade which I personally love! Now the kit itself, the kit consist's of the dye, a pair of gloves, instructions (obviously), a brush and a conditioning shampoo. The brush makes it really easy to apply the product evenly to the head and is much easier than if you was just using your hands. Once done I had to leave on the hair for 25 to 45 minutes, I did 45 just it can take properly and then i rinsed it out, simple. I've never lightened my hair myself before so I am a complete newby to this and I did it successfully so If I can do it trust me, anyone can do it! Although If I was to have one criticism it was for there to be more shades like for a dark DARK hair colour or even red heads.

                                           Thanks for reading, Jade xoxox

Monday, 21 January 2013

NOTD: rosey metalics.

I havn't done a nail post for a white so I I've really been loving the metallic glittery trend recently and trying to get myself away from the dark reds, purples and blacks that I wore over the autumn winter time. This shade in particular which is by No.7 I actually got in one of their Christmas gift bags a few years ago and forgot all about it, unfortunately because it is part of a set it dosent haven't a shade name as it's not to be sold individually. Although I searched for a close enough and reasonably priced dupe and found a Barry M one which you can find on superdrugs website here. I personally feel these shades elongate the finger rather than emphasizing my sausage fingers haha. I do feel that these types of shades will look amazing for the spring summer time against tanned skin and all the sparkles glistening in the sun.

                                                Thanks for reading, Jade xoxo

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 3 Hand creams

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have been experiencing some pretty horrific weather recently with freezing cold temperatures, blanket and duvet days and constant hot chocolates. Well me too! Surprise surprise it's been freezing here in the UK & my body has really felt the cold dry winter mornings, in particular my hands have too. Now I don't necessarily suffer with extremely dry skin just in certain weather condition my hands which are the most exposed part of my body ( simple as I used them 24/7) become dry and flaky. I've recently been really into hand creams this winter and thought I would share my most used three. These aren't in a ranking order because if i'm honest I find them all equally as good and within the same price range. Overall I've judged these hand creams on scent, price, formula, how long it takes to sink into the skin and moisture. They all have the same tube packaging simply because I find that the easiest to use and it does not waste any product. All of these we under £10 and are available nationwide, not sure if they are international but im sure you'll be able to find them on the internet somewhere.

Hand food: Im sure everybody and there mother has heard of soap and glorly and this product in particular is one of their more well known cult products. It has that amazing soap and glory scent, massages into the skin like butter, leaves the skin soft and smooth and dries quickly after applying it.

Boots botanics: This is a very simple and basic moisturizer, It is just a plain and simple based white cream with not glitters in it or coloring's to it. It claims to condition the nails and cuticle beds but if i'm honest I haven't really been paying attention to but it does the moisturizer job which is all im asking for. Dosent really have a strong scent to it just 'fresh' if thats a scent haha. 

The body shop- Ginger sparkle:
This does have a very Christmas scent as you can imagine it is based around ginger bread men. The scent can be a little over powering but personally I love it! unlike the other two it has a screw cap lip unlike a flip open lid so it is a little more complicated to open up but  nothing extreme just requires a few more seconds. Dry's quickly, does not leave residue and moisture's the hands.

                                   Thanks for reading Jade xoxo

Friday, 18 January 2013

To ombre or not to ombre?

Now unless you've been living under a rock for the past year you should be familiar with the trend of ombre. Ombre had been around for a while and i've been so so SO tempted to just take the plunge and do it but every time I go into to boots and stare at the L'Oreal DIY ombre kit I always end up talking myself out of it and just walking back over to cosmetics and buying myself a new lipstick of something haha, so typical. I know it's a little old now this whole trend but I do want to try it, if it dosent suit me or I end up hating it, I can always just stick a brown dye on right? eh good logic there Jade. Do you guys think I should, Is it worth it? My only issue is it will damage the ends of my hair and I've been trying to grow my hair for ages due to one very bad bob hair cut decision a couple years ago. hmmmm. decisions decisions.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Room tour

Hello there, I figured for today's post it would be interesting to show you my bedroom and the place where all of my blogging happens. It is very very rare that I ever blog anything outside of my room just because I can concentrate and relax in my room. This could also give some inspiration for room decorating or organizing your things or just to be a nosy moo ( no shame in that.) My decor is very simple with a colour scheme of red and white. I have one red feature wall and the rest are white. I'm finally at  stage where I am content with my room, don't get me wrong i'm constantly changing and moving it around but I guess that's just an output for my creativeness?I am one of those people that has  place for everything although I don't mind an organized mess as long as I'm aware of where everything is. Overall my room consists of a wardrobe, chest of drawers, make up table, wicker basket makeup drawers, door hangers for my bags and accessories, my bed and that's about it. nothing more, nothing less.. simple.

                                 Thanks for reading, Jade xoxo

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Whats in my bag

I personally love reading whats in my bag post's just because i'm nosey like that, ooooopsies. Recently my boyfriend got me a new bag from Zara and I am in love with it! Obviously because it's new it's not filled with as much junk and empty wrappers as my older & more used bags would be. SO, here's the quick run through of whats been living in my bag recently. My folder because I am a student and unfortunately that includes taking notes and studying so I keep this in my bag at all times as it's jam packed with knowledge. My purse because you know I may fancy taking a splurge and spending some money once in a while ( more like all the time Jade!) My student card, glasses and bus pass with a highly attractive photograph of me on it. Boots botanics hand cream, double sided tooth comb and afro comb for those flat hair days, a vaseline rosey lips, my keys to my house and a little self made 'emergency kit' I put this little bag together because I was sick to death of hair grips all over the bag and needing something but always not having it on me so in this bag are grips, bobbles, a mirror, nasal spray because its flu season, halls soother for my soar throat days, lush charity pot body lotion in case I need some extra moisture, tweezers and sanitary towels for, well we all know what no need to expand on that one. I would additionally have my iphone in my bag but I took the photographs on that.

                             Thanks for reading, Jade xoxo

Friday, 11 January 2013

Wishlist #1

Top: Topshop Skirt: RI shoes:ASOS scarf: Topshop.

So guys,  This is my first wishlist of the new year 2013. I thought it would be an interesting post if I showed you guys my monthly wants so you can see what things i'm currently enjoying, my evolving fashion taste or just for you to basically have a ganders at whats in the shops. Recently i've been obsessing over blue and mixing the same colours together with different shades. Now i'm not talking going head to toe in the same colour and obreing it down but just mixing it up a little, getting creative. I've been lusting over the topshop website recently because I recieved gift cards to spend there over christmas the only typical dilemma is whenever I have money to spend.. I am unable to find ANYTHING in the shops like at all! bloody typical ey and to top that off I cant use my cards online so it look's like they'll be collecting dust in my purse for some time to come. May save them for bikini season to pick up some summer beauties. Anyway my point was I've been looking online at stuff a lot and these are the things i'm hoping to lavish myself in, dont see it happening but you can only dream         

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MAC lovelorn

Hey guys, so I know I havn't put up a what I got for Christmas post but one of my present's was a MAC lipstick in the shade lovelorn. I'm not sure if its just me but I feel it's an under dog in the world of mac. The most often heard of ones are like creme cup, angel and hue. I LOVE THIS shade. It does appear a lot darker and brighter in the tube but on the lips it is very sheer and natural but can be buildable to the block colour. As all mainline lipsticks it cost's £14.00 which is a little expensive but it's a case of quality over quantity, i'd rather some good quality lipstick then dry flakey lipsticks. Don't get me wrong i'm far from a snob with cosmetics I have a majority of drugstore products but i'd rather save for something I know will be good than but like a collection or barry m lipstick that dries my lips out. The lasting power of this is average, you cant expect a lipstick to stay 24/7 when you use your lips and mouth more than you could possibly believe so nothing will last day to night.
I do feel this lipstick needs more of a hype and should be up there with the most popular ones.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rimmel scandaleyes review

I've been on the hunt for my ultimate mascara for some time now, I don;t expect a lo from mascara if i'm honest I do see it as a bit of a boring thing to buy. I've only ever used lower end mascaras because I can't seem to take the plunge into an expensive one again due to the fact I find it boring. Nether the less I seen this rimmel mascara advertised all over the TV and never stopped hearing about it when made in chelsea was on because obviously they are sponsored by Rimmel London. Luckily it was on offer in boots and I just snapped it up with 10 minutes left untill was time for my shift at work and here I am writing this blog post as I am surprised with the results. The images above are my first time using it so I decided to record the results since it is such a massivley advertised product I have no doubt that most of you have heard of it. Rimmel quote "scandalous volume, no clumps" well, I agree with the volume bit it defiantly enhanced my lashes volume but as for the no clumps I do feel it can be clumpy if used excessively and especially because the brush is very thick and big. The above images are no mascara, one coat and second coat.
                               overall I would give it a 8/10.
All reviews made and opinions given on this blog are completley my own.