Sunday, 13 January 2013

Whats in my bag

I personally love reading whats in my bag post's just because i'm nosey like that, ooooopsies. Recently my boyfriend got me a new bag from Zara and I am in love with it! Obviously because it's new it's not filled with as much junk and empty wrappers as my older & more used bags would be. SO, here's the quick run through of whats been living in my bag recently. My folder because I am a student and unfortunately that includes taking notes and studying so I keep this in my bag at all times as it's jam packed with knowledge. My purse because you know I may fancy taking a splurge and spending some money once in a while ( more like all the time Jade!) My student card, glasses and bus pass with a highly attractive photograph of me on it. Boots botanics hand cream, double sided tooth comb and afro comb for those flat hair days, a vaseline rosey lips, my keys to my house and a little self made 'emergency kit' I put this little bag together because I was sick to death of hair grips all over the bag and needing something but always not having it on me so in this bag are grips, bobbles, a mirror, nasal spray because its flu season, halls soother for my soar throat days, lush charity pot body lotion in case I need some extra moisture, tweezers and sanitary towels for, well we all know what no need to expand on that one. I would additionally have my iphone in my bag but I took the photographs on that.

                             Thanks for reading, Jade xoxo


  1. What a GORGEOUS bag you have :) i too love reading other peoples posts about whats in your bag. We must be very nosey :) haha!! Dont you think when you have a new bag you feel organised up untill its full of rubbish again?

    Love Emily xx

  2. yeah ahaha i'm still wearing it in, I think im in that stage where you dont want to mess it up but that'll soon change xx

  3. I love watching these on YouTube, but your ' what's in your bag ' blog post is even better, I think your posts are so good :) xx


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