Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 3 Hand creams

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you have been experiencing some pretty horrific weather recently with freezing cold temperatures, blanket and duvet days and constant hot chocolates. Well me too! Surprise surprise it's been freezing here in the UK & my body has really felt the cold dry winter mornings, in particular my hands have too. Now I don't necessarily suffer with extremely dry skin just in certain weather condition my hands which are the most exposed part of my body ( simple as I used them 24/7) become dry and flaky. I've recently been really into hand creams this winter and thought I would share my most used three. These aren't in a ranking order because if i'm honest I find them all equally as good and within the same price range. Overall I've judged these hand creams on scent, price, formula, how long it takes to sink into the skin and moisture. They all have the same tube packaging simply because I find that the easiest to use and it does not waste any product. All of these we under £10 and are available nationwide, not sure if they are international but im sure you'll be able to find them on the internet somewhere.

Hand food: Im sure everybody and there mother has heard of soap and glorly and this product in particular is one of their more well known cult products. It has that amazing soap and glory scent, massages into the skin like butter, leaves the skin soft and smooth and dries quickly after applying it.

Boots botanics: This is a very simple and basic moisturizer, It is just a plain and simple based white cream with not glitters in it or coloring's to it. It claims to condition the nails and cuticle beds but if i'm honest I haven't really been paying attention to but it does the moisturizer job which is all im asking for. Dosent really have a strong scent to it just 'fresh' if thats a scent haha. 

The body shop- Ginger sparkle:
This does have a very Christmas scent as you can imagine it is based around ginger bread men. The scent can be a little over powering but personally I love it! unlike the other two it has a screw cap lip unlike a flip open lid so it is a little more complicated to open up but  nothing extreme just requires a few more seconds. Dry's quickly, does not leave residue and moisture's the hands.

                                   Thanks for reading Jade xoxo


  1. I've had terrible dry skin this winter as well!! I love body shop lotions, definitely help battle dry skin

    1. I got a shimmer body lotion in the same ginger bread man scent.. I love it! xx

  2. I love hand food so much - such a winter lifesaver! xx

    1. completely agree it's one of soap and glory's best! xx

  3. I love the Gingerbread cream! I wish they made it a Body Shop staple :)
    LaceyLoves x


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