Friday, 11 January 2013

Wishlist #1

Top: Topshop Skirt: RI shoes:ASOS scarf: Topshop.

So guys,  This is my first wishlist of the new year 2013. I thought it would be an interesting post if I showed you guys my monthly wants so you can see what things i'm currently enjoying, my evolving fashion taste or just for you to basically have a ganders at whats in the shops. Recently i've been obsessing over blue and mixing the same colours together with different shades. Now i'm not talking going head to toe in the same colour and obreing it down but just mixing it up a little, getting creative. I've been lusting over the topshop website recently because I recieved gift cards to spend there over christmas the only typical dilemma is whenever I have money to spend.. I am unable to find ANYTHING in the shops like at all! bloody typical ey and to top that off I cant use my cards online so it look's like they'll be collecting dust in my purse for some time to come. May save them for bikini season to pick up some summer beauties. Anyway my point was I've been looking online at stuff a lot and these are the things i'm hoping to lavish myself in, dont see it happening but you can only dream         


  1. LOVE the scarf what a gorgeous colour :) yes one can dream most definately. I have a HUGE list of wants and im trying be good and not make the bank balance sad haha.

    Love Emily xx

    1. damn topshop being so expensive haha! xx


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