Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Review: Avon plump & stay

Ok so i'm a huge fan of a lot of the avon products and own so many its unreal, think its becoming an addiction. I thought i'd review about this product since the whole lip stain craze is up and running with max factor and revlons lip tint's and stains have been storming the beauty blogging world. Well this is a similar consept but in liquid form. It comes with a coloured liquid stain on one side and plumping gloss on the other
Its a glossy liquid formula but its none sticky, as you can tell by the swatch its waayyyyy pigmented and a very unique product in my eyes its a lip stain liquified to put it simple. This is in the shade 'stay pink pout' and by the swatch its a very bright barbie girly pink I love it!

It is very true to colour and comes of pigmented and bright on the lips. I have to say the staying power of this product on my lips was amazing! and I will hopefully be purchasing more.

oxo Jade

Monday, 30 January 2012

whats in my bag.

this tags been going around for a while and I thought why not do it for all those nosey ones out there ayy, althought theres far from anything exciting in my bag trust me!

Ok so as far as bags go this is my current bag im using although I find myself changing it up with a brown river island one. The picture hardly gives its justice but its black leather FCUK limited edition bag ( got it last christmas )  soft leather and simple gold detailing, just easy to pair with anything.

& these are the items which live in my bag, pretty simple and not exciting at alllllllllllll but now you've seen it, my bag would usually be took up with a college folders but I just didnt photograph them as they would of the took up the entire image and as unexciting as this is, i'm sure a photo of paper would be more of a yawnnnnn.

oxo Jade

Sunday, 29 January 2012

hot cloth cleanser

well if many of you do dable around the blog and youtube beauty community a lot you'll of picked up on beloved lizz earls hot cloth cleanser ( which I have been wanting to try for some time now). I had saw the No.7's take on the hot cloth cleanser in the skincare section at boots and it did appeal to be a little so when I got a £5.00 of voucher for anything No.7 I though I'd pick it up and give it a go since its only £5.00 using the voucher.
This is what the cleanser looks like and it comes in a 200ml clear bottle with pump. its packaged like the healthy mix foundation where the bottom rises the more product you use if im making sense. Basically it shows you the exact ammount of product you have left which is very handy.
 Now this does come with its own cloth being a ' hot cloth cleanser' and all, personally this cloth is ok i mean its a little thin and cheaply made which means when you wet the cloth with warm water it just goes straight through it and loses its heat after about 5 seconds so I would reccoment buying a bit of a thicker cloth for more intense treatments. You can pick them up in bodycare or any place like that for a few ££. But all in all the hot cloth cleanser itself is a good product it leaves the face feeling very soft and just fresh faced. I use it just after I take my makeup off at night so my skins nice and smooth for the morning.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

suttle and simple

as many may of seen the new big silver sparkling bling range on nearly every celebs arm called the 'shamballa bracelet' they are a little statement and out there for everyday wear but I guess there nice to throw on for a night out.
This is the shamballa bracelet sold in every shop, you'll find it in your local paper shop in a few days but sarcasm aside they are on the trend uprise as essex star Harry Derbridge has brought out his very own line of them on lovelemonade.

Now this is far from identical but i feel it gets the whole concept of the bracelet and is a lot more suttle and simple for everyday use, or even going on a night out for those less bold people. the simple black bads with a glittering silver bead thrown in is very delicate and in my eyes look a lot nicer and chic' than the LOOK AT THIS BLING BRACELET.
best part its around £2.00 from primark

perfume collection

well since i did a make up collection I figured I'd do a perfume collection too. But in all honesty I dont have a huge collection as a lot of these are re purchases because i tend to stick to the same scents.

All my perfumes are stored on this box for the mean time as my room is still undergoing a decor' makeover.
 DKNY be delicious perfume
 Hugo Boss sunset
 Anna Sui
 john paul gaultier
 Next gold edition
 FCUK body spray
Lacoste touch of pink

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Avon upgrade

Well i've been purchasing a lot of Avon products for some time now and I love their packaging of products have always seemed to leave some room to be desired, well some of thier eyeshaddow compacts atleast, both of these products were purchased within 6 months of eachother and both were free in a " spend more than £10 and get.." offer.
In the first compact you see theres a clear casing on top of the eyeshaddows that did have avon printed on it but that has seemed to of rubbed of now, plus the packaging collects all the product although with the newest free gift I recieved has clearly had some TLC on it with the big mirror inside when you open it, avon is actually carved on to the top of compact so it wont rub off and theres more of a 'click' when you close it, good progress in my opinion.

Monday, 23 January 2012

make up accumulation..

Thought about doing this for a while but these type of posts always get hate'on cause of the whole bragging scenario but I thought what the heck i'll do it!
Heres my make up collection and storage blog post & i guess this is where i insert my
" im not bragging about my collection sentecne here" but in all fairness i'm not because realisticly I dont have a lot of make up in comparrison to others & this is enough for me although my continues make up obsession is growing.
So first of all this is a little woven basket which i use to keep my sample products Im needing to use and current day and night cream in. I have a box under my bed with other skin care products.

This is my makeup storage system it was around £20.00 from B&Q, it does the job and i find it very practical and looks a bit more chic' that the average plastic storage.

In the first drawer is all of my face products, foundations, blush, concealer and bronzer. The storage is pretty handy as the drawers are quite big and deep, they hold around 6 of my foundations, 10 blushers/bronzers and my bronzing pearls tub.

In the seconds drawer is my eyeshaddow section with single eye shaddows and a couple small compact eye pallettes like elizabeth arden sunshine and No.7.

The next one contains all of my eyeliners, pencils and mascara's plus my eyelash curlers just to make it easier for me in the mornings.

 & in the last of the drawers are all of my lip products, lip liners, balms, gloss's and lipsticks.

Then my brushes are kept in these two little jam jar pots because I think they're kinda cute & match my room decor' one holds face brushes and the other holds eye brushes.

Then all my nail polishes...
are stored in the metal caged square bowl wich im not sure where I got it put it does the trick.

~hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New year New hair.

Since it was anew year and I was getting tired of the same old hair colour which i had kept the same for a whole 13 months ( OMG RECORD). I thought it was time for a change since I had previously been a Golden copper ginger/blonde highlights & my natural colour was a golden chocolate brown so I wanted something a little more natural. Obviously with me having blonde highlights it meant my hair was more prone to damage because of the bleach and other harmful products and it just needed some ' life' to it, heres what I picked up
       Roughly around the £5.00 region, although I would go a tone lighter than you want as the shades run a little dark
 This is the overall colour I was aiming for.. a chocolate medium brown
 In my opinion it looks a lot healtthier and makes it look thicker way more lively
( excuse the face)
& This is what it was like before hand, looking a little fragile and flimsy

~ So what do you think?

sorry it's been a while

sorry its been a while but just to get me back into the swing of things thought i'd quickly blog about some things i've collected over the weeks.

                            Collection 2000 concealer
                         Midnight fantasy No7 Blusher
                          (Limited Edition)

                  Dress by Republic Open back deatiling
                          Aquarian shimmer by Avon
                               Primark Jumper
                       H&M basics range, skirt £3.99
                    Bank Flat quilted shoes £18.00

~ Sorry i've only been posting hauls recently, I will start to do tutorials and outfit of the days, just need a more HQ camera, any recomendations? xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

just to let you all know there a deal in boots going where if you buy any one of bourjois foundations you get a free full sized mascara which retails for around £9.99.

Theres a choice of two mascara's I chose the elastic one because I saw it advertised and I've been wanting to give it a try but just havnt ever thought of picking it up, The consistancy of this mascara is quite thick although it isnt clumpy and not that volumising because of the thin brush, but it lengthens and seperate great so its perfect for a 'natural barely there' look.

& I just got my normal healthy mix foundation in shade 51 which is the lightest shade, these foundations run very yellow toned ( im a NW15 in mac ) the only downside to this foundation is I dont think theres much variety for much darker skin tones. I was going to pick this foundation up anyway so the fact I got a free mascara was a pretty good bonus.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nail of the week

I've had this nail polish on for 4 days now and it still hasn't chipped, its from 17 cosmetics in the shade risky red.
All reviews made and opinions given on this blog are completley my own.