Saturday, 30 June 2012

small summer haul

payday was here today so I went to town to see if I could find anything for my holiday.. in all honesty I was a little disappointed as everywhere had sales ( I know what your thinking.. how can you not like sales?) but in fairness I felt like they put so much crap out in the sales it annoyed me so much! I only came home with four things and although I am very happy with them all I'd of loved more variety to choose from, ah well better luck next time eh

Monday, 25 June 2012

tag: £20 make up challenge

I'm sure you've all been waiting for this post and you've read a few of them seen as there floating about the blogger and YouTube community recently so I thought why shouldn't I jump on the band wagon and have a go? I particularly enjoyed doing this specific tag because it was a challenge and I did take it pretty seriously. now i for one am sick of reading and watching the Same posts and tutorials of these tags where everybody's either uses everything MUA, everything 2true or everything elf so I added another little twit to my tag. I made sure that all the products I were using and the brands I've used I can only use once, so I couldn't have two products from the same company. I just thought this would give you guys a bit more variety and also open your eyes to some more budget/cheaper brands. I'm not going to lie.. certain aspects of this was difficult and ive also not gone out and purchased anything new, I wanted to do it all from my existing makeup collection to also give me the chance of exploring and stepping away from my loved higher end products because truth be told, drug store brands and very high quality stuff at good prices.. so onto what I've used and my overall total came to £19.50 making me under budget. I actually did this makeup for a night out which I instagrammed just because i wanted to see how long wearing it was to give you guys the best of the cheaper products i had and it lasted pretty well!
MUA foundation shade one - £2.00
No.7 midnight fantasy blusher - £6.50 (I decided to splash out a little for this because it's a blush and a highlight so realistically that's £3 per item)
rimmel brow pencil - £2.99
sun kissed eye duo - 99p
(body care bargain baskets)
miss sporty liner - £1.99
colour trend lipstick in shade winter wine - £ 2.99
mascara primark - £ 1.00
brush home bargains - 99p

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Style: co ordinates

So co ordinates have been around for a short while now and it seems there spreading everywhere. I was shopping in river island yesterday and saw the above coordinating suit, (the pink and camel printed one) and just fell in love with it. Now these styles seem to be bigger and bolder than ever, and most of them consisting of a crop top and a jacket to give the illusion of a cut out play suit, a few do have traditional co-ordinates being a blazer, trousers or shorts. I for one admire this new twist and think it looks amazing, high waisted shorts disguise that 'muffin top' we all hate whilst the crop top shows enough skin for it to be acceptable and  not lets say 'craving male attention for wrong reasons' Out of all the above mine had got to be the first one, the colour first of all, its coral! i love coral in anything. Actually im currently typing this post right now with coral on my nails just to accentuate my love for the colour! and the small delicate lace patterns two down the side and one at the front, its not over doing it and throwing everything in your face at one but its still bold and eye attracting enough to get everybody s attention for the right reasons, genius. Above i've posted some photographs from a few of the websites i've looked on that do sell co-ordinates for you to have a look at.
in order:, River Island,, Topshop.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Mua foundation review

so last week I was a little short on cash so to speak (skint!) so I needed a cheap foundation to see me over untill I got my new wage. off I popped into superdrug on my little mission to find a foundation that actually matched my skin for under a fiver. I found a few but ended up going for the MUA foundation in the shade 1, which matched my perfectly and it's fair to say in a huge fan! I picked it up thinking well it would be pretty crap with the sense of 'you'll only get what you pay for' in the back of my mind considering it was only £2:00.. now I am aware that MUA do not have the largest colour selection I think they only have either 3 or 5 shades in not too sure but shade one runs a little yellow toned which my skin is so I would advise to anybody with a pinkier tone to their skin. let's move on to staying power, I'd say this last about 6-7 hours on the skin and has a medium, possibly build able to heavy coverage, it claims to be mattyfying but I feel it gives my skin a slight sheen and dosent mattyfy my face which I like due to the fact my skin is dry. so overall I'm very pleased with foundation and will definitely be repurchasing it again, I won't use this as my all time favourite everyday foundation but all in all, I'll always want a spare bottle for £2:00 for the days I'm low on my foundation or don't need it to last for ages!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rita Ora: Get the look

So Rita Ora is becoming a well known huge star and even more loved style Icon to many, her style is similar in way to Rihanna's although I feel Rita's has a bit more of a 'raw edge' to it, like it dosent feel as forced or phased. I'm not slagging on Rihanna I do love her style, i just edge more towards Rita's
(each to their own opinion) Recently I saw this photograph of Rita Ora and thought she looked so amazing so I scowered the internet to find similar items of clothing to recreate this look of hers.

Topshop sheer hem maxi skirt £38.00
-Top shop

White sleevless shirt: £18.00
-River Island

Red Karla quilted clutch: £15.00

Dolly Bow Bow spike necklace £12.00

sunglasses £4.99
The overall look

- I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful, It was fun to do as it felt like a little challenge having to recreate an entire outfit from an image but I feel all the products found were reasonably priced and could fit together to make this outfit. If you'd like me to do this for any other celebrity then feel free to post a link to the image and i'll see what I can do, thanks for reading.

Review: Top shop nail polish

Celestial, Waterlily, Bee's Knee's, Gone Fishing

Now i'm aware that most of my readers are highly aware of my uncontrollable nail polish addiction and my collection is massively growing everyday. I've hauled a few of these shades above but never got round to doing a full or in depth review on any of them so sinse summers coming and a lot of you guys were highly interested in my summer nail trends post I figured I'd review one of my most loved polish brands. Top Shop is by far my favorite shop of all time, everything they sell I always want but a few months ago I was introduced to their polishes which i've never really gazed upon before. I bought one that being 'cicurca' and then I was hooked. Of all the polishes i've tried I have to say these are a cut above the rest. I dont really purchase High end polishes like Chanel, MAC or OPI just because I am a strong believer that its so easy to find similar products at a cheaper price. Above are all the shades ive purchased so far from Topshop because every time I go in i'm always having to restrain myself buying another haha. The consistency is quite thick which personally I love, the brush is the perfect size for nail painting and the colour range, well let me just say they by far have the largest shade range i've seen from any drugstore. These mainly cost £.5.00 although some can cost £6.00 depending on the finish and type like metallic or glitter. Overall for me Topshop hit the nail right on the head with their polishes and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Avon blush comparison

                                                                 The Packaging

The Product

So I personally am a huge fan of Avon blushers, I only four in my collection so far but these two stand out as my favorable products. These two blushers are from the True Colour collection which claims to have a blush to match and suite every skin tone out there. One is for light, one medium and one dark. Now I have fairly light and pale skin and the one which is caregorised as the 'fair skin suited shade' is in the colour earthen rose which im not that fond out, it looks more like a subtle bronzer to me and not a blush but each opinions to there own ayy, as earthen rose is a highly loved colour. Now back on to these two. The first blush is in the shade soft plum suited to darker skin tones although I use this with a very light hand and not as dense brush for a natural sweep of plumb across the cheeks, it is a highly pigmented matte finish blush. I feel the plum blush can be suited to any skin tone and adapted to your shade depending on how much you aply. Now then the second one underneath soft plumb named russet is said to be suited to medium toned skin being those with olive skin or tanned skin which I for one do agree with, this is a deep and rich toned blush like a dark toned peachy orange, again with a matte finish but i feel with the orangness in this blush it could look a bit iffy on very pale skin. As you can see russet is hardly touched as im saving to go away on holiday with, i think once im tanned this blush will be perfect to give me a tanned radiance of colour in my face as it isnt a very dolly barbie fake blush. Both of these blushers run for the same price of £6.50 which I think is reasonable for the blush and you get a blusher brush in the packaging although I would advise it, in these two blushes my brushes have shedd unbelievably! So an overall recap Soft Plum can be worked on any skin tone used light handed or heavy handed as its a pink plumb colour with no off colouring which could contrast your skin whereas Russet has a peach orangey tone, almost an apricot shade which could sit weird on very light and pale skin, end up making it look orange and dirty.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Collection: Mac lipsticks

I thought I'd share all the MAC Lipsticks I own, which isn't a lot but i'm content with what I have because there all essential and basic colours which I feel everybody needs. My MAC collection consists of a natural everyday pink, Bright fire engine red, A hot pink lipstick and neutral nude shade. 
Creme Cup

Lady Danger
Viva Glam Gaga

Creme D'nude


left to right.
me and Jasmin at a dancing competition, me and jade on the pub jubilee weekend, Coldplay ticket, me and my boyfriend at Coldplay

Thursday, 7 June 2012

trend: summer nails

During the summer I love to wear bright warm toned colours mainly, I sometimes but on a cool toned shade occasionally for things like events or dinner evening. My main loves to wear are often pinks, corals, oranges and reds. The most 'holiday related' shades'

Trends: The current nails trends for summer 2O12 are pastels, obviously everywhere you look there's pastel clothing currently. Nude's which I feel are perfect for the vacation because you don't want to spend all your time changing you nail colour to match your outfit but nudes work perfectly with anything and then its the Neon's. The brighter the better it seems this season because I've been seeing a lot of lime greens and fuchsia pinks in magazines and on the catwalk recently.

So I've been searching all over the internet to see which nail varnishes will be the next to break my bank and earn them self a place on my varnish vanity, the culprits are:

From the OPI Holland spring summer collection
- Gouda Gouda two shoes

This gorgeous golden bronzed neutral shade which is hard to describe looks so gorgeous while still staying in the neutrals colour family its a little more bold with gorgeous light reflecting particals, I can imagine paring this with rose gold bracelets and a soft white linen dress for that, effortless chic look.

From Ciate
- Sugar plum paint pot
Im not sure if your all aware but if you purchase a Marie Claire magazine this month you get a free Ciate nail pain pot in with the magazine plus a 25% of your next Ciate order so that's a great deal, anyway with that little side note out the way I feel this gorgeous pastel lilac would look great against a summer tan weather that me natural or unnatural knowing the typical British weather.

From Essie
-Bikini so teeny

I actually came across this new colour from Essie collection when watching a YouTube video although I cant quite remember who's it was, anyway i feel in love with the colour and then when I heard what the name was I feel in love with it even more, Essie can be a little expensive especially for a student or somebody on a budget but im sure someone like Topshop or maybe even No.7 ( with the £5.00 off voucher there always raming down your throats) will do a dupe or one very similar.

From Barry M
- Shocking pink

Now I am a huge fan of Barry M nail paints and I am aware they are a love hate product but I feel there so cheap, so simple, easy to get a hold of within the UK and they have the largest range in colours for the drugstore. I can imagine this contrasting against other bright summer clothes like oranges and yellow, doing colour blocking with nails or something of that sort.

From Revlon
- Sassy

Now this shade may look a little ' what the [beep] are you thinking' but I really like it, only for abroad on holiday though, dont think i would be brave enough to wear it in England because of the groggy, nasty images that relate to the colour, but with a black dress, golden bronze accessories and a tan, i think it would be perfect, its bright but a little reserved and not as in your face as the above barry M shade.

so there's all my shade recommendations and wants for the summer, hope you girlies liked it and if so what are you favorite summer shades?

xoxo Jadelouise

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

magazine freebies

in all for magazine freebies so when I saw that glamour were handing out three different benefit sample products in their monthly edition I grabbed it and ran to the counter ASAP. they offer a choice between bad gal mascara, porefessional and that gal primer. I got the porefessional because I wanted to give it a try but I'm going to run back to the shop and get the other two because hello, 3 benefit samples for £6 plus the magazines which are worth the two quid alone, in addition to this you also get a repairing shampoo sample inside which was a nice surprise so win win for me!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Outfit Of The Day.

Since today was in celebration of the queen being on the throne for 60 years, which as a Nation im sure we're all feeling very proud to be British today, I went round to my aunties house for lunch and cups of tea ( being traditional Brits.) Now my outfit isn't union jack related, in fact its far from it since i wasn't exactly feeling painting my face red white and blue or parading around in the UK flag but anyways I thought i'd share with you what I wore.

~ beforehand, apologies for the poor quality photos but they was took on my Dell Inspiron Laptop which dosent have the best photography qualities but since I was in a manic rush and this had the option of self timer, why not?

The Jacket - H&M
The Shirt - Vintage boutique ( local)
The skirt - Primark
The tights - New Look
The necklace - Debenhams department store ( Wallace section)
The Bracelet - Pandora
The lipstick - Lady danger MAC with Revlon clear gloss.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summer inspiration

My summer make up inspiration and crush has got to be Serena Van Der Woodsen. I've been obsessed with watching all 5 seasons of gossip girl again and found myself amazed at her makeup and how naturally gorgeous she always looks. It's so flawless and simple just what I'm aiming for the summer. A fresh faced natural radiance.

The look breakdown:

Hair: Beach waved natural hair, nothing too intense and not a lot of product as it will need to be able to flow in the breeze not stick to the scalp.

Face: The face is very plain like a blank canvas, not a lot of bright blush just a suttle peach radiance as apposed to a dolly pink blush.

Brows: The brows are slightly filled in to make them look thicker but not shaped any different and look natural.

Lips: Nude pink lipstick with a sheen lipgloss, no glitter chunks or shimmer light reflecting particals.

Eyes: Natural champagne all over the lid, a slightly darker colour through the crease to add definition, thin liner or dark shadow a long the lash line and a few coats of mascara, no clumping.

All reviews made and opinions given on this blog are completley my own.