Saturday, 16 June 2012

Avon blush comparison

                                                                 The Packaging

The Product

So I personally am a huge fan of Avon blushers, I only four in my collection so far but these two stand out as my favorable products. These two blushers are from the True Colour collection which claims to have a blush to match and suite every skin tone out there. One is for light, one medium and one dark. Now I have fairly light and pale skin and the one which is caregorised as the 'fair skin suited shade' is in the colour earthen rose which im not that fond out, it looks more like a subtle bronzer to me and not a blush but each opinions to there own ayy, as earthen rose is a highly loved colour. Now back on to these two. The first blush is in the shade soft plum suited to darker skin tones although I use this with a very light hand and not as dense brush for a natural sweep of plumb across the cheeks, it is a highly pigmented matte finish blush. I feel the plum blush can be suited to any skin tone and adapted to your shade depending on how much you aply. Now then the second one underneath soft plumb named russet is said to be suited to medium toned skin being those with olive skin or tanned skin which I for one do agree with, this is a deep and rich toned blush like a dark toned peachy orange, again with a matte finish but i feel with the orangness in this blush it could look a bit iffy on very pale skin. As you can see russet is hardly touched as im saving to go away on holiday with, i think once im tanned this blush will be perfect to give me a tanned radiance of colour in my face as it isnt a very dolly barbie fake blush. Both of these blushers run for the same price of £6.50 which I think is reasonable for the blush and you get a blusher brush in the packaging although I would advise it, in these two blushes my brushes have shedd unbelievably! So an overall recap Soft Plum can be worked on any skin tone used light handed or heavy handed as its a pink plumb colour with no off colouring which could contrast your skin whereas Russet has a peach orangey tone, almost an apricot shade which could sit weird on very light and pale skin, end up making it look orange and dirty.


  1. love your blog so much! your so talented! i followed <3 do you think you could maybe follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours xx

  2. Soft Plum looks gorgeous, I haven't had a look at Avon in forever but I may have too now! x

  3. Both blushes look lovely! Wish I could het my hands on Avon :'( xx

  4. Nice review lovely, I always try to go for pink toned blushers as I'm super pale


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