Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Style: co ordinates

So co ordinates have been around for a short while now and it seems there spreading everywhere. I was shopping in river island yesterday and saw the above coordinating suit, (the pink and camel printed one) and just fell in love with it. Now these styles seem to be bigger and bolder than ever, and most of them consisting of a crop top and a jacket to give the illusion of a cut out play suit, a few do have traditional co-ordinates being a blazer, trousers or shorts. I for one admire this new twist and think it looks amazing, high waisted shorts disguise that 'muffin top' we all hate whilst the crop top shows enough skin for it to be acceptable and  not lets say 'craving male attention for wrong reasons' Out of all the above mine had got to be the first one, the colour first of all, its coral! i love coral in anything. Actually im currently typing this post right now with coral on my nails just to accentuate my love for the colour! and the small delicate lace patterns two down the side and one at the front, its not over doing it and throwing everything in your face at one but its still bold and eye attracting enough to get everybody s attention for the right reasons, genius. Above i've posted some photographs from a few of the websites i've looked on that do sell co-ordinates for you to have a look at.
in order:, River Island,, Topshop.

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  1. I love these but still have to find some confindence to wear something similar:)xx


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