Wednesday, 6 June 2012

magazine freebies

in all for magazine freebies so when I saw that glamour were handing out three different benefit sample products in their monthly edition I grabbed it and ran to the counter ASAP. they offer a choice between bad gal mascara, porefessional and that gal primer. I got the porefessional because I wanted to give it a try but I'm going to run back to the shop and get the other two because hello, 3 benefit samples for £6 plus the magazines which are worth the two quid alone, in addition to this you also get a repairing shampoo sample inside which was a nice surprise so win win for me!


  1. I bought 3 copies of Glamour and I didn't get a Pantene sample :O weird.

  2. Such a fabulous freebie, I would totally run out and buy multiple copies if I lived in the UK :)


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