Saturday, 16 June 2012

Rita Ora: Get the look

So Rita Ora is becoming a well known huge star and even more loved style Icon to many, her style is similar in way to Rihanna's although I feel Rita's has a bit more of a 'raw edge' to it, like it dosent feel as forced or phased. I'm not slagging on Rihanna I do love her style, i just edge more towards Rita's
(each to their own opinion) Recently I saw this photograph of Rita Ora and thought she looked so amazing so I scowered the internet to find similar items of clothing to recreate this look of hers.

Topshop sheer hem maxi skirt £38.00
-Top shop

White sleevless shirt: £18.00
-River Island

Red Karla quilted clutch: £15.00

Dolly Bow Bow spike necklace £12.00

sunglasses £4.99
The overall look

- I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful, It was fun to do as it felt like a little challenge having to recreate an entire outfit from an image but I feel all the products found were reasonably priced and could fit together to make this outfit. If you'd like me to do this for any other celebrity then feel free to post a link to the image and i'll see what I can do, thanks for reading.

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