Friday, 22 June 2012

Mua foundation review

so last week I was a little short on cash so to speak (skint!) so I needed a cheap foundation to see me over untill I got my new wage. off I popped into superdrug on my little mission to find a foundation that actually matched my skin for under a fiver. I found a few but ended up going for the MUA foundation in the shade 1, which matched my perfectly and it's fair to say in a huge fan! I picked it up thinking well it would be pretty crap with the sense of 'you'll only get what you pay for' in the back of my mind considering it was only £2:00.. now I am aware that MUA do not have the largest colour selection I think they only have either 3 or 5 shades in not too sure but shade one runs a little yellow toned which my skin is so I would advise to anybody with a pinkier tone to their skin. let's move on to staying power, I'd say this last about 6-7 hours on the skin and has a medium, possibly build able to heavy coverage, it claims to be mattyfying but I feel it gives my skin a slight sheen and dosent mattyfy my face which I like due to the fact my skin is dry. so overall I'm very pleased with foundation and will definitely be repurchasing it again, I won't use this as my all time favourite everyday foundation but all in all, I'll always want a spare bottle for £2:00 for the days I'm low on my foundation or don't need it to last for ages!

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  1. Looks like a decent foundation which is impressive for £2. But I always find myself impressed by MUA products. I think I should learn to accept it!
    Hannah x


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