Monday, 22 April 2013

birthday night out

So on saurday night it was my birthday night out to celebrate that I had just turned 18 EXCITED! and I was going into manchester for drinks with my best girl mates and btw I had an amazing night. So on to my outfit I picked this dress up from Zara a couple of months ago not for a specific occasion but becuase it was an absolute bargain in the sale and I loved the simple detailing on it with petite gold studs around the neckline and a low cutting V back. For me this was a really comfertable dress to wear because it was a good length and was tight and hugged my figure but wasn't too tight I had to constantly adjust it if it was showing off any lumps or bumps that I wanted concealing, just perfect. I did wear some chunky platform tan leather heals from zara which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday but i didn't manage to capture them in the picture and don't worry there will be a birthday haul coming soon so you'll see them then. Then I had an issue because for the life of me I could not find a bag that matches the shade of my shoes so I had the genius idea of throwing leopard in there because it has a lot of brown shades and black shades so it will pull the whole thing together and it did just that, my leopard print bag was a bargain at £7.99 from H&M. So that was my outfit but because of the nice and delicate detailing in the dress I wanted to wear my hear just up in a top knot but my natural hair had too many layers in it to look elegant so I went to the salon and bought a clip in pony tail ( I'll review it if requested) but I LOVE IT, its so easy and simple and completely transformed my overall look, I just threw my H&M hair cuff over the top of the joining on the pony to give it a more natural appearance. As for my makeup the products I used were estee lauder double wear maximum foundation, NYC glamour false lashes, topshop neon rose blush, Nars lagoona, sleek brow kit dark and rimmel apocalips in luna. Hope you liked my outfit guys and thanks for reading.
                                                       xoxo Jade

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Summer Scents

Personally I'm not a massive perfume fan, I tend to only receive them for birthdays and Christmas i'd never go out and purchase one on my own. Jean Paul Gaultier is one perfume I never ever run low on, I love most of the scents and my boyfriend buys me a different 'naked lady bottle' every year when he goes away on holiday, I love this scent for spring but I am really bad at actually describing them. This scent isn't floral or too feminne it has a kind of spice and kick to it which is right up my street. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging of all the classique fragrances every year. As for the michael Kors very hollywood perfume, I got this at christmas and as you tell I have used it a bit, I only 30ml so it wasn't going to last a lifetime, to me this is a lot more feminine and flirty girl which I think would be perfect for summer nights out and things of that nature. Now i'm just waiting for the weather to brighten up since i'm getting pretty much everything else all preppared for summer.

                                                   Thanks for reading xoxo Jade

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wishlist #4

neon dress asos, stripe jacket Zara, Bowler har H&M, black bag La Moda

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My current everyday look

Hey guys, so recently i've decided to change up my go to makeup look and keeping it very natural and clean around the eyes but a nice bold eyecatching lip colour. As many of you may know bloggers say keep the attention in one specific area so you don't want massive black eyes and ruby red lips for a daily basis thats just asking for too much attnetion and can be a little loud and excessive. During the winter seasons I opted for more a purples and deep vampy reds but this season the corals and cherry tones are really standing out to me, and the nude lip of course but for this look i opted for something a little more vibrant.I left my hair natural and put some Toni & Guy texture spray in it to give it an added umphhhh and this is my current go to look.

Products used.
Revlon nearly naked foundation
Mac studio sculpt concealer
sleek brow kit
collection extreme felt tip liner
Rimmel scandaleyes mascara
No.7 gay guava lipstick
bourjois chocolate bronzer

                                             Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Saturday, 9 March 2013

confessions of a shoeaholic ?

 The thick platform

  Motel rocks, River Island, Asos, Zara

                                                                 The flat slipper

     zara,dune, Carvela Kurt Geiger, missguided

                                                                The classic court

topshop, new look, dorothy perkins, H&M

Friday, 8 March 2013

Bed Head: Spoil me

Hey guys, I don't know if your aware of this about me put I have pretty thick hair. Thick strands of hair and a lot of it too. I'm not a hater of my thick hair but wow sometimes does it weigh my head down and in addition to mountain of hair on my head it's also naturall frizzy and wavey, lucky me! I normally embrace it since I am a fan of the shabby hair look and don't think the whole poker straight hair do is my cup of tea. I came across the bed head spoil me product about a week ago, not purchased then I have had it for a while but i re-discovered it. The product packaging claims to defrizz, smooth and instantly restyle the hair and I agree. I think this product is aimed for when you have straightened your hair to remove the static frizz but I use it just on my natural curly frizz like you can see in the above photo. It is an airisole can spray which makes it easy to use, dosent leave a smell or a sticky residue in the hair which I am a massive fan of since I have thick hair the last thing I need is something weighing it down anymore. spoil me is available to buy online and I think you can purchase it from TJ hughes, TK Maxx and various salons.

                                           Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 Things I like

I just thought to write an interesting post listing 50 things I like, I always want to do tags but I find them hard to know ACTUAL facts about myself so I fail in that department whereas just things I like is a very broad spectrum and who knows maybe some of you guys can do it too?

I like..
1) blogging.
2) shopping, shopping, shopping
3) nail polish
4) making new friends
5) going on holiday
6) taking photographs
7) reading other peoples blogs
8) discovering fashion inspiration
9) millies cookies
10) walks on the beach
11) MAC lipsticks
12) cold winter nights in
13) taylor swift
14) watching youtube videos
15) day dreaming
16) disney films
17) room decor magazines
18) thinking back on my memories
19) dancing
20) summer time
21) long hot bubble baths
22) my iphone
23) getting my hair done
24) watching criminal minds
25) dewy looking skin
26) jammy dodgers
27) KFC
28) going on nights out
30) shoes
31) my laptop
32) back massages
33) movie nights with my boyfriend
34) false eyelashes
35) ombre hair
36) bold neon colours
37) wearing comfy gym clothes
38) playing netball
39) watching 90210
40) singing to myself haha.
41) inspirational quotes
42) coldplay
43) going out for meals
44) hot cereal at bed time
45) listening to my music before I go to sleep
46) finding new holy grail products
47) glee
48) cars, love love cars
49) swimming
50) cups of tea and hot choc

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Be inspired.

The weekends over and we've all got those monday blues again, Up early, still sleepy, long hard day ahead? already looking forward to the weekend. I thought I'd put up some inspirational quotes for anybody to read this morning if your on the bus, tram or still lay in bed ( lucky) Put life into perspective and take on the day with a better attitude. 


blogging buffet.

Hey guys, if like me you love reading blogs and different types of blogs like some just fashion, just beauty, just lifestyle or all in ones then maybe you'll like some of the blogs below. These are just a few of my personal go to reads for blogs. You don't have to follow all the blogs. actually none at all if you wish but it's always nice to give people a bit a praise when they've made their readers happy such as moi.

chlowitty is a unique and quirky blog which covers a variety or beauty and fashion aspects as well as encorperating her life into her writing, I've been a follower for a while now and I enjoy reading her post's and you can read them here too.

has really vintage and delicate inspired outfit post's and styling ideas. I personally like to read her wishlist's and want because she finds some amazing pieces online which I would of never come across or got inspiraion from without her post's. click here to look.

Cosmetic crave post's really detailed and in depth reviews on cosmetic ( given the name duhhh.) but there just really easy reviews to read and well brken up so it's a fluent and easy read and dosent look like a huge essay of a product like some blogs, read the reviews here.

 I first discovered this blog when I started watching her Youtube videos and her humble positive and friendly attitude is what drew me towards wanting to read more of what she has to put up on the internet too so you can also see that here.

Vintage teapot I remember being one of the first persons blog I ever read when she was just starting out and i've followed her post's ever since. She has really good photographs which I personally like because I think it makes the blog a lot more appealing and easier to read, so you can read here.

                                        Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

fashion for thought



Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wishlist #3

Dress zara, Shoe Kurt Geiger, Bag La Moda, Belt Asos

If you seen any of the London fashion week shows or blog post's you'd of seen the massive trend of neons on the runway for this spring/summer season so when I found this dress on the zara website I was beyond excited, the colour is so bright and vibrant but the cut gives it a classy and sophisticated edge because it's not the 'typical summer frock'. Paired with the simple wedges in the KG sale and matching natural shaded bag which is big enough to fit all the summer essentials in this outfit is on to a winner. To add a street style edge a contrasting belt will clash well against the shade of the dress and become even more eyecatching.. take it or leave it depending on if your brave enough! Overall I am loving this outfit 10/10 for me. Can't wait for summer

                   Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Highstreet spring/summer 2013

    River Island

With spring summer just around the corner I thought it would be interesting to show you guys what the british highstreet has instore for the upcoming season and give you guys a heads up on what the recent fashion trends are. I've been seeing a lot of pop on neons at the moment if you remember last year it was all about pastel muted shades this years it's upped the vibrancy and going full on neon, lime green/yellow in particular. I think the best way to pull this trend off would be to have one eye catching key piece and mix in with neuterals to give it a classy artistic vibe rather than a throwback from the 80's. Theres quite a variety of prints out in the highstreet as you can tell from the images above but its one main print mixed with block colour rather than your grandma's curtains and pillow cases thrown into a dress. In my opinion I like the campaign launches all the above shots have made and hopefully their collections will live upto expectations and looks as nice in real life.

                Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Product storage

Hey guys, if your anything like me you collect and get sent a quite an amount of products which are full sized bottles and you don't have an exact location to put them. Before I started blogging and getting so into beauty I just used to have products in my shelf on the bathroom and that was that done but im collecting more trying out more and the other day I had so many I decided it was time for a proper clean out! I only kept products which I will use or may possibly use in the up and coming season changes. I used old boxes and baskets which I already had around the house just to place everything in and divide it by so its not all just slumped in one massive basket like it was before. The categories I split everything into was fake tan, body creams and body butters, hair care products and facial masks. I do have things like my daily cleanser, facial scrub, exfoliates in the bathroom this is just my excess products if I fancy changing up my regime. This is a really good thing to do if like me you feel your product collection was growing and now i've been able to rediscover products I forgot I had or couldn't find in a while and its also easier knowing everything has a place.

                               Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wishlist #2

asos maxi dress, Nars lip laquer in hot wired, Office red platform shoes and Cambridge satchel from ASOS.

 As I said last month for the whole of 2013 I am going to do a wishlist for every month, this month since it's the month of valentines day I decided to base it around my wishlist outfit for a valentines date. Although me and my boyfriend don't really celebrate valentines that much I thought this outfit is very versatile with little pops of red rather than big fluffy novelty jumpers with hearts all over it so that it dosent have to be JUST for valentines. This would also make a perfect summers day outfit if you was going from day to night walk in the park to night out because although the shoes are heels they have a nice chunky heel and platform to make them comfortable  The bag is structured and classic to also make it appropriate for daily items to be held in there and also to go out for drinks with the girl. Overall I think this outfit has a classy yet exciting edge to it with the simple statement colours against the natural tones.

                                              Thanks for reading, xox Jade

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Whats in my makeup bag

Hello, A couple post's ago I updated you all with whats in my bag so I thought why not continue on with a whats in my makeup bag post too? Everybody reading this blog has some sort of interest with makeup and now I'll share with you things the things I can not leave my house without atm
My bag itself  and please excuse the upside down photo haha but yeah the bag is a cute red and white polka dot bag and whats great about it is it's waterproof inside and out so it makes cleaning it easy peasy! unfortunatly I recieved it as a gift so I don't know where it's from but you can find ones similar with just different designs in places like H&M and Primark.Now for the actual products, i'm not going to review any of these products in this post's but If you are interested in any of them then feel free to ask and i'll give you my honest opinion of it. anyways, I have my sleek eyerbow kit in dark ESSENTIAL, Bourjois chocolate bronzer, models own angled eyeliner brush ( for my brows) and powder brush. MAC studio sculpt foundation, rimmel wake me up illuminator, collection extreme felt tip pen, MAC lovelorn lipstick find review here, No.7 mascara which I don't know the name of cause it's all rubbed off and Topshop creme blush in neon rose. That's my daily essentials which I'm loving and feel the need to take with me everywhere.. what are your essentials? Do you have any of the same products and what do you think about them?    
                                                  Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 facts about me

1) When I was younger I was incredibly shy and barely spoke to anybody, including family but now i'm just loud and annoying.

2) I've competed in dancing competitions for 11 years, I'm now 17.

3) I went to One directions book signing and met them all :).

4) My family used to own a static caravan and we'd always go away for the weekend when I was younger and I LOVED IT!

5)My favorite colours that makes me smile are yellow and mint green.

6) I love birthday cakes with the hard icing, hate soft buttery icing!

7) My all time favorite Disney princess is belle from beauty and the beast.

8) I actually cry  without fail when I watch beauty and the beast.

9) I used to have an overbite with my teeth and had to have braces when I was 10.

10) I'm so easily scared of films, even Harry potter and lord of the rings scares me.

11) I can eat a raw red onion like it's an apple, but I can't stand apples.

12) I used to obsess over foods and only eat certain things for a period of time like for about 6 months I ate nothing but pizza for my tea.

13) I am so bad in awkward situations that I just have a nervous laugh and have to remove myself from the whole thing.

14) My whole life long ambition is to hopefully become a PE teacher, or a successful blogger but this isn't a career just a fun hobby for me to share my views with the WWW.

15) I'm really bad with other peoples teeth, if yo teeth ain't clean.. cya pal.

16) I am in love with Toblerone and Minstrels it's ridiculous really.

17) I find it impossible to drink a cup of tea without biscuits.

18) I've never actually been to London but it's on my wish list.

19) I met the England Women football squad when I played football in primary school but then I realized I was shit so I quit.

20) I have curled over toe's that look like birdy feet.

21) The furthest place i've traveled from home is Greece.

22) I'm really really bad when it comes to change and i'm put in unfamiliar situations.

23) my favorite part of myself is my eyes cause I think there a nice blue hhaha.

24) I am a complete hauler and hate throwing things away like clothes and shoes and make up.

25) I'm really bad at thinking of facts about myself.

Hope this was fun for you guys to read and get to know me a little better,
                                           Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

All reviews made and opinions given on this blog are completley my own.