Saturday, 2 February 2013

25 facts about me

1) When I was younger I was incredibly shy and barely spoke to anybody, including family but now i'm just loud and annoying.

2) I've competed in dancing competitions for 11 years, I'm now 17.

3) I went to One directions book signing and met them all :).

4) My family used to own a static caravan and we'd always go away for the weekend when I was younger and I LOVED IT!

5)My favorite colours that makes me smile are yellow and mint green.

6) I love birthday cakes with the hard icing, hate soft buttery icing!

7) My all time favorite Disney princess is belle from beauty and the beast.

8) I actually cry  without fail when I watch beauty and the beast.

9) I used to have an overbite with my teeth and had to have braces when I was 10.

10) I'm so easily scared of films, even Harry potter and lord of the rings scares me.

11) I can eat a raw red onion like it's an apple, but I can't stand apples.

12) I used to obsess over foods and only eat certain things for a period of time like for about 6 months I ate nothing but pizza for my tea.

13) I am so bad in awkward situations that I just have a nervous laugh and have to remove myself from the whole thing.

14) My whole life long ambition is to hopefully become a PE teacher, or a successful blogger but this isn't a career just a fun hobby for me to share my views with the WWW.

15) I'm really bad with other peoples teeth, if yo teeth ain't clean.. cya pal.

16) I am in love with Toblerone and Minstrels it's ridiculous really.

17) I find it impossible to drink a cup of tea without biscuits.

18) I've never actually been to London but it's on my wish list.

19) I met the England Women football squad when I played football in primary school but then I realized I was shit so I quit.

20) I have curled over toe's that look like birdy feet.

21) The furthest place i've traveled from home is Greece.

22) I'm really really bad when it comes to change and i'm put in unfamiliar situations.

23) my favorite part of myself is my eyes cause I think there a nice blue hhaha.

24) I am a complete hauler and hate throwing things away like clothes and shoes and make up.

25) I'm really bad at thinking of facts about myself.

Hope this was fun for you guys to read and get to know me a little better,
                                           Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

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