Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Whats in my makeup bag

Hello, A couple post's ago I updated you all with whats in my bag so I thought why not continue on with a whats in my makeup bag post too? Everybody reading this blog has some sort of interest with makeup and now I'll share with you things the things I can not leave my house without atm
My bag itself  and please excuse the upside down photo haha but yeah the bag is a cute red and white polka dot bag and whats great about it is it's waterproof inside and out so it makes cleaning it easy peasy! unfortunatly I recieved it as a gift so I don't know where it's from but you can find ones similar with just different designs in places like H&M and Primark.Now for the actual products, i'm not going to review any of these products in this post's but If you are interested in any of them then feel free to ask and i'll give you my honest opinion of it. anyways, I have my sleek eyerbow kit in dark ESSENTIAL, Bourjois chocolate bronzer, models own angled eyeliner brush ( for my brows) and powder brush. MAC studio sculpt foundation, rimmel wake me up illuminator, collection extreme felt tip pen, MAC lovelorn lipstick find review here, No.7 mascara which I don't know the name of cause it's all rubbed off and Topshop creme blush in neon rose. That's my daily essentials which I'm loving and feel the need to take with me everywhere.. what are your essentials? Do you have any of the same products and what do you think about them?    
                                                  Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade

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