Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Summer Scents

Personally I'm not a massive perfume fan, I tend to only receive them for birthdays and Christmas i'd never go out and purchase one on my own. Jean Paul Gaultier is one perfume I never ever run low on, I love most of the scents and my boyfriend buys me a different 'naked lady bottle' every year when he goes away on holiday, I love this scent for spring but I am really bad at actually describing them. This scent isn't floral or too feminne it has a kind of spice and kick to it which is right up my street. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging of all the classique fragrances every year. As for the michael Kors very hollywood perfume, I got this at christmas and as you tell I have used it a bit, I only 30ml so it wasn't going to last a lifetime, to me this is a lot more feminine and flirty girl which I think would be perfect for summer nights out and things of that nature. Now i'm just waiting for the weather to brighten up since i'm getting pretty much everything else all preppared for summer.

                                                   Thanks for reading xoxo Jade

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