Tuesday, 5 March 2013

50 Things I like

I just thought to write an interesting post listing 50 things I like, I always want to do tags but I find them hard to know ACTUAL facts about myself so I fail in that department whereas just things I like is a very broad spectrum and who knows maybe some of you guys can do it too?

I like..
1) blogging.
2) shopping, shopping, shopping
3) nail polish
4) making new friends
5) going on holiday
6) taking photographs
7) reading other peoples blogs
8) discovering fashion inspiration
9) millies cookies
10) walks on the beach
11) MAC lipsticks
12) cold winter nights in
13) taylor swift
14) watching youtube videos
15) day dreaming
16) disney films
17) room decor magazines
18) thinking back on my memories
19) dancing
20) summer time
21) long hot bubble baths
22) my iphone
23) getting my hair done
24) watching criminal minds
25) dewy looking skin
26) jammy dodgers
27) KFC
28) going on nights out
30) shoes
31) my laptop
32) back massages
33) movie nights with my boyfriend
34) false eyelashes
35) ombre hair
36) bold neon colours
37) wearing comfy gym clothes
38) playing netball
39) watching 90210
40) singing to myself haha.
41) inspirational quotes
42) coldplay
43) going out for meals
44) hot cereal at bed time
45) listening to my music before I go to sleep
46) finding new holy grail products
47) glee
48) cars, love love cars
49) swimming
50) cups of tea and hot choc

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