Sunday, 3 March 2013

blogging buffet.

Hey guys, if like me you love reading blogs and different types of blogs like some just fashion, just beauty, just lifestyle or all in ones then maybe you'll like some of the blogs below. These are just a few of my personal go to reads for blogs. You don't have to follow all the blogs. actually none at all if you wish but it's always nice to give people a bit a praise when they've made their readers happy such as moi.

chlowitty is a unique and quirky blog which covers a variety or beauty and fashion aspects as well as encorperating her life into her writing, I've been a follower for a while now and I enjoy reading her post's and you can read them here too.

has really vintage and delicate inspired outfit post's and styling ideas. I personally like to read her wishlist's and want because she finds some amazing pieces online which I would of never come across or got inspiraion from without her post's. click here to look.

Cosmetic crave post's really detailed and in depth reviews on cosmetic ( given the name duhhh.) but there just really easy reviews to read and well brken up so it's a fluent and easy read and dosent look like a huge essay of a product like some blogs, read the reviews here.

 I first discovered this blog when I started watching her Youtube videos and her humble positive and friendly attitude is what drew me towards wanting to read more of what she has to put up on the internet too so you can also see that here.

Vintage teapot I remember being one of the first persons blog I ever read when she was just starting out and i've followed her post's ever since. She has really good photographs which I personally like because I think it makes the blog a lot more appealing and easier to read, so you can read here.

                                        Thanks for reading, xoxo Jade


  1. Aw thank you SO much for including me in this!! I feel so flattered and I'm very happy that you enjoy reading my review! :) xxx

  2. I love discovering new blogs, thank you for sharing x

  3. Thanks so much for including me! It means a lot!

  4. thank you for including me! so sweet that you like my blog! xxx


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