Thursday, 7 June 2012

trend: summer nails

During the summer I love to wear bright warm toned colours mainly, I sometimes but on a cool toned shade occasionally for things like events or dinner evening. My main loves to wear are often pinks, corals, oranges and reds. The most 'holiday related' shades'

Trends: The current nails trends for summer 2O12 are pastels, obviously everywhere you look there's pastel clothing currently. Nude's which I feel are perfect for the vacation because you don't want to spend all your time changing you nail colour to match your outfit but nudes work perfectly with anything and then its the Neon's. The brighter the better it seems this season because I've been seeing a lot of lime greens and fuchsia pinks in magazines and on the catwalk recently.

So I've been searching all over the internet to see which nail varnishes will be the next to break my bank and earn them self a place on my varnish vanity, the culprits are:

From the OPI Holland spring summer collection
- Gouda Gouda two shoes

This gorgeous golden bronzed neutral shade which is hard to describe looks so gorgeous while still staying in the neutrals colour family its a little more bold with gorgeous light reflecting particals, I can imagine paring this with rose gold bracelets and a soft white linen dress for that, effortless chic look.

From Ciate
- Sugar plum paint pot
Im not sure if your all aware but if you purchase a Marie Claire magazine this month you get a free Ciate nail pain pot in with the magazine plus a 25% of your next Ciate order so that's a great deal, anyway with that little side note out the way I feel this gorgeous pastel lilac would look great against a summer tan weather that me natural or unnatural knowing the typical British weather.

From Essie
-Bikini so teeny

I actually came across this new colour from Essie collection when watching a YouTube video although I cant quite remember who's it was, anyway i feel in love with the colour and then when I heard what the name was I feel in love with it even more, Essie can be a little expensive especially for a student or somebody on a budget but im sure someone like Topshop or maybe even No.7 ( with the £5.00 off voucher there always raming down your throats) will do a dupe or one very similar.

From Barry M
- Shocking pink

Now I am a huge fan of Barry M nail paints and I am aware they are a love hate product but I feel there so cheap, so simple, easy to get a hold of within the UK and they have the largest range in colours for the drugstore. I can imagine this contrasting against other bright summer clothes like oranges and yellow, doing colour blocking with nails or something of that sort.

From Revlon
- Sassy

Now this shade may look a little ' what the [beep] are you thinking' but I really like it, only for abroad on holiday though, dont think i would be brave enough to wear it in England because of the groggy, nasty images that relate to the colour, but with a black dress, golden bronze accessories and a tan, i think it would be perfect, its bright but a little reserved and not as in your face as the above barry M shade.

so there's all my shade recommendations and wants for the summer, hope you girlies liked it and if so what are you favorite summer shades?

xoxo Jadelouise


  1. Love the essie nail varnish,such a pretty colour! :)x

  2. I am currently loving my Essie Mint Candy Apple and I think I will wear it all summer :)

  3. Wow, I love these nail polishes! Essie's Bikini so Teeny looks amazing!

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  4. I think the lime green is a gorgeous colour too! Looks very refreshing for summer ;)

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  5. I like how your blog posts are informational yet interesting, kind of like mine

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  6. Lovely colours I really like the Bikini so teeny and sugar plum :)

    Tanesha x

  7. I love all of these colours but I especially adore Bikini so teeny and sugar plum! I really want to try an Essie nail varnish x

  8. There such cute summer shades. I love China Glaze - Dance Baby for summer. It's a bluey undertoned pink, really pretty.



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