Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: Top shop nail polish

Celestial, Waterlily, Bee's Knee's, Gone Fishing

Now i'm aware that most of my readers are highly aware of my uncontrollable nail polish addiction and my collection is massively growing everyday. I've hauled a few of these shades above but never got round to doing a full or in depth review on any of them so sinse summers coming and a lot of you guys were highly interested in my summer nail trends post I figured I'd review one of my most loved polish brands. Top Shop is by far my favorite shop of all time, everything they sell I always want but a few months ago I was introduced to their polishes which i've never really gazed upon before. I bought one that being 'cicurca' and then I was hooked. Of all the polishes i've tried I have to say these are a cut above the rest. I dont really purchase High end polishes like Chanel, MAC or OPI just because I am a strong believer that its so easy to find similar products at a cheaper price. Above are all the shades ive purchased so far from Topshop because every time I go in i'm always having to restrain myself buying another haha. The consistency is quite thick which personally I love, the brush is the perfect size for nail painting and the colour range, well let me just say they by far have the largest shade range i've seen from any drugstore. These mainly cost £.5.00 although some can cost £6.00 depending on the finish and type like metallic or glitter. Overall for me Topshop hit the nail right on the head with their polishes and I couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. omg those are so gorgeous colors!! celestial looks so pretty, i want to try it!! i wonder if i can get it online -_-'

  2. I'm sure you can get it online, it's an amazing colour:) xx

  3. Hey, Love your blog!

    Love these colours!!

    I'm your newst follower, Follow back if you like?

    Emilie xox


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