Monday, 25 June 2012

tag: £20 make up challenge

I'm sure you've all been waiting for this post and you've read a few of them seen as there floating about the blogger and YouTube community recently so I thought why shouldn't I jump on the band wagon and have a go? I particularly enjoyed doing this specific tag because it was a challenge and I did take it pretty seriously. now i for one am sick of reading and watching the Same posts and tutorials of these tags where everybody's either uses everything MUA, everything 2true or everything elf so I added another little twit to my tag. I made sure that all the products I were using and the brands I've used I can only use once, so I couldn't have two products from the same company. I just thought this would give you guys a bit more variety and also open your eyes to some more budget/cheaper brands. I'm not going to lie.. certain aspects of this was difficult and ive also not gone out and purchased anything new, I wanted to do it all from my existing makeup collection to also give me the chance of exploring and stepping away from my loved higher end products because truth be told, drug store brands and very high quality stuff at good prices.. so onto what I've used and my overall total came to £19.50 making me under budget. I actually did this makeup for a night out which I instagrammed just because i wanted to see how long wearing it was to give you guys the best of the cheaper products i had and it lasted pretty well!
MUA foundation shade one - £2.00
No.7 midnight fantasy blusher - £6.50 (I decided to splash out a little for this because it's a blush and a highlight so realistically that's £3 per item)
rimmel brow pencil - £2.99
sun kissed eye duo - 99p
(body care bargain baskets)
miss sporty liner - £1.99
colour trend lipstick in shade winter wine - £ 2.99
mascara primark - £ 1.00
brush home bargains - 99p

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