Monday, 14 January 2013

Room tour

Hello there, I figured for today's post it would be interesting to show you my bedroom and the place where all of my blogging happens. It is very very rare that I ever blog anything outside of my room just because I can concentrate and relax in my room. This could also give some inspiration for room decorating or organizing your things or just to be a nosy moo ( no shame in that.) My decor is very simple with a colour scheme of red and white. I have one red feature wall and the rest are white. I'm finally at  stage where I am content with my room, don't get me wrong i'm constantly changing and moving it around but I guess that's just an output for my creativeness?I am one of those people that has  place for everything although I don't mind an organized mess as long as I'm aware of where everything is. Overall my room consists of a wardrobe, chest of drawers, make up table, wicker basket makeup drawers, door hangers for my bags and accessories, my bed and that's about it. nothing more, nothing less.. simple.

                                 Thanks for reading, Jade xoxo


  1. Your room looks so pretty and very organised :) im exactly the same i like to know where everything is so it has its own place and stays. Where did you get your cute moustache cushion from? love it :)

    Love Emily xx

    1. I actually got it for christmas but I think it's from primark, not too sure though ?xx

  2. You're room is so pretty! Mine only looks so tidy for about 5 minutes! Haha am now following :) xox


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