Saturday, 3 November 2012

Topshop wishlist A/W 2012

So recently i've been malling over everything that topshop have on their website. I dont shop in topshop as much as I would like too since it isnt in the shopping centre closest to me. Whenever I do shop in topshop I ALWAYS pick up a nail polish ( well I say I, I mean my boyfriend- sort of like he's little thing to treat me.) and anyway I have a few clothing items from there but im becoming obsessed with there accessories and makeup. I think topshop do the best high street shoes by far! and there bag collections are just to die for.
I really like the nude and black look for this fall for some reason I think it looks extremely classy and chic.& I like the idea of taking something that looks quite feminine and adding spiked detailing to it to give it an edge but not make is 'punk rocker' so to speak.

What are your current trend loves or topshop loves like me?
post below..

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