Monday, 5 November 2012

Shabby jacket upgrade.

The other day my family and I we're going through all of our wardrobes ( which I took the chance to redesign and organised my wardrobe, eventually) anyway, we was look for a load of old clothes or pieces of fabric to take to a charity shop just because the house was getting out of control with old coats hanging in closets and shoes all over the floors. Shopaholic family eh?
I seen my Dad's old jacket which was literally like 4 years old but hardly worn because he didn't like it on him. It had been hanging up in the closet for ages and I don't know why I never though of this before. It was just lay there on top of a giant black bag just appealing to me so i grabbed it and dashed upstairs to try and transform it into a more feminine feel.

So before it's all shabby and baggy and looks a little like a sack.. now i'm not saying I totally transformed it into a Chanel garment but I really like the edgy slightly hobo feel to it.

So firstly I rolled up the sleeves to give it a more feminine feel and so you'll show some skin when its one, tightened the waist a little and my favorite part is I studded it! Now i didn't want to go all out stud's but just a little detail that draws attention.

I think I like this becuase the whole army/military thing is in style now and its a really edgy/urban trend i think.

My inspiration for this project.

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