Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Poppy: how to wear

As many of you may be aware that November isn't just a celebration of fireworks and bonfires but it also a month which we dedicate to our brave and heroic soldiers who have fought in the war for this very country and our existence and free rights today. A way of respecting this tradition our nation wears a poppy to resemble the poppies they lay down of the soldiers but to rest. Now poppy's may be a traditional thing but they are part of our culture as a nation. I thought I could show you guys ways of wearing or making poppies in a variety of ways to show respect.
( I completely understand if you are traditional and don't want to alter or add to the standards already set, but for some people it may be an interesting way for them to show respect).
Some idea's i've had

- Just the tradition poppy and pin,
- A poppy badge ( i know they sell them )
- Pick up/make some poppy earring's (click here to see)
- Paint your nails with a poppy design on the accent finger
- Make a poppy designed cake
-Wear red clothing
- Poppy headband/hair clips
- Buy a poppy phone case? (click here to see) 

Just a few ideas I thought may come in handy? what are you guys doing this remembrance day..

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  1. great idea for a post!


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