Tuesday, 14 August 2012

models own brush set review

as many of you guys will be aware that I'm going on holiday soon with all the summer clothing hauls I do haha (one coming soon too ;) ) but anyway yes I am away soon which means I'm traveling, which then means I'm clearly in need of some decent travel brushes to add to my collection. I initially only wanted an angled eyeliner brush for when I fill my brows in and with this set being £10 for 5 brushes I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
that handle of the brushes are neon orange which I personally love to pieces with dip dye white to orange brush hairs. they come protected with bristle covers. additionally they are labeled on them what they should be used for which makes them really good for people who are new to makeup or dont really wear makeup enough to justify the price of some makeup brushes out there. all I all I love these brushes and would advise them for people who can't afford a sigma/Sedona lace brush set or for beginners.. although like me they are good to have in your brush kit for more experienced brush buyers because they are good quality!


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