Saturday, 18 August 2012

blog shop, maybe?

Hey beautiful readers, just a quick update on an idea i've been forming recently. Since starting up my blog a year ago i've always wanted to have my own little shop boutique but have been debating it for some time now, i'd sell either jewelry or customized clothing im not sure but it would be made 100% my be and only will happen if its what you guys want. I know a lot of people do have blog shops on their blog where they sell like, old clothes they dont want anymore, or things they've  purchased but didn't end up wanting you sort of like ebay but on your blog. I have no clue but the idea of my own shop really appeals to me so please, if you have any ideas or request as to what your main thing you would want me to sell is please feel free to email me

All request are welcome and maybe we can get this thing up and running,

love you all, Jade xx

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  1. oh my gosh, you should so do this!
    i'm a new follower as of about thirty seconds ago so i don't know where your skills lie in the whole craft making thing. i love little stuffed animnal things that people sometimes make but that all depends on whether you can so, butttt, jewellery would be great too.
    you seem lovely an so far from what i've seen from your blog, its great!
    i hope we can speak soon!
    laura xx


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