Friday, 10 August 2012

mens summer tips

since a lot of you was interested in my tips to make get women that desired 'bikini body' heres some additional tips for males too..

How to Look Good on the Beach – A Guide for Men
It’s not just women who strive to look good on the beach and it’s not just women who can follow a few tips to achieve their desired beach look. With gender equality more evident than ever, the traditional gender differences and boundaries are seemingly merging with each passing day, with more and more men turning to fake tans and waxing!
If you have aspirations to be a beach God then you may be interested in reading the following tips on how to look good on the beach.
Watch what you eat and exercise
It goes without saying that most people – including men – would like to lose a few pounds before showing all on the beach. The easiest way to accomplish a more slender and toned frame is, of course, to eat a healthy well-balanced diet and to accompany a healthy eating plan with some exercise.
Of course, it is always healthier to adopt a permanent lifestyle change which combines healthy eating and regular exercise than it is to try a quick fix a few weeks before you depart for your holiday.
Choice of swimwear
Men’s swimwear has come a long way since the woollen long johns men were forced to wear in the early twentieth century. From Lycra Speedos – if that’s your thing – to stylish boxers, elegant trunks and a pair of comfy yet classy board shorts, men now have a huge choice of swimwear available to them.
With such a wide choice of mens swimwear on offer, it shouldn’t be too difficult for men to choose a style of swimwear to cater for their individual style, body and requirements.
Bring on the self tan!
Self tanning lotion should not just be an asset of a woman’s wash bag. On the contrary, with the scare of skin cancer and premature aging caused by exposure to the sun, it is a sensible precaution to use these lotions rather than to expose yourself to sunbeds or go out in the sun without adequate UV protection.
Modern self tanning lotion is highly sophisticated. Long gone 
are the days of risking walking around with orange streaks on your legs! Today, self tans can look completely natural, meaning that women and men can look great on the beach without putting themselves at risk. 

Thanks for reading, Jade x

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