Saturday, 18 August 2012

Top polishes for autumn

Hey guys,
with the English summer being, well pretty much none existent and with me purchasing so many bright nail polishes and being sent some amazing colours this season im upset that its nearly time to put them away and mute it down a little now I guess. So me thinking i would be one ahead of the game I looked at my collection and thought i'd pick out the polishes i'm most exited about wearing and what I think will match the season trends. I've been loving wearing bright yellows,oranges and greens recently and will be pretty devastated that the last chance i'll probably get to wear them this season will be on holiday. I do love all the colours i've picked out and it has made me more exited for the fall so hopefully you guys will like these colours too.

No.7 totally teal, miss sporty no name, max factor toffee, topshop ice crush, barry m rasberry


  1. such pretty colours! xx

  2. I really like those colors


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