Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sleek Brown kit review

I don't know about you guys but I for one feel unfinished in the morning doing my makeup unless i have defined my eyebrows, mine are a good shape and colour just lacking a bit in thickness.
Don't get me wrong i don't go for the full big thick black scouse brow but, a thickened more structured brow is what I like. I've never really purchased a specific kit for brows and normally just used my £2.99 rimmel brow pencil in hazel, which i must say is a very good pencil but for me, i just felt I needed something a little more. How I cam across this product? well I read a couple blog posts and seen a few videos when it first came out of like people who was sent it for review, and a couple who just purchased it free will and they all seemed to me mostly positive, about 3 weeks ago when I was in superdrug with my boyfriend I came across this product and thought id give it a whirl. OMG i'll just say it now, I am in love with this kit. Its essential in my makeup routine now! It comes with a powder and a wax to set the brows along with two brushes and some mini tweezers.. in all fairness i do use my own angled brow brush to fill them in just because the brush it comes with is a little too small and tricky for me personally and i haven't got round to using the tweezers yet but im presuming they'll be the same. Don't get me wrong there good to have in the kit for traveling purposes or if you see a little suborn hair that you want rid. Mine is in the colour dark, and a down side to this product, well the only real downside despite the brushes ( which may be fine for you guys) is that there is a limited selection of shades, well actually theres light and dark so nothing for the inbetweeners!

-good colour match for me
-easy to use
-affordable at £8.50 compared to HD brow palette ( try ELF for £3.75)
-good sized mirror
-good for traveling

-limited colour selection
- the brushes (for me)
- and i suppose not that easy to get hold of outside of UK


  1. I wish i had seen this post sooner as I spent £22.50 on Brow-zings by Benefit which looks exactly the same, has the same brushes and tweezers too!

  2. seems alright i guess, i wanted to get the sigma brow kit though!

  3. I really want to try this, I need a brow kit in my life! Just tagged you in an award post if you're interested :) xx

  4. I actually rarely touch my brows (apart from tidying them up with tweezers) because I think I'd totally mess them up. Haha. This seems like a great product, though. You may have changed my mind!


  5. I love this product too it's so easy to use x


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