Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Body tips!

We're all getting to that stage where our summer body will have the bare all in a little two piece bikini and we've waited untill the last minute to try and buff up our body to its maximum potential on such a short time limit! don't worry your not the only one so I've put together a few tips in preparation for your dreaded bikini bod preview to help you along the way..

A few weeks before:
- Buy a firming creme, many company's do one like soap and glory for £16.00 put if that's a bit too expensive palmers do a firming body butter for around less then a fiver that could help you out too.. Just massage it into the skin every morning and before bed, i would recommend photographing the journey if its possible, just for your benefit and help you know if there are any results, also creams can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

- DO Exercise. now im not saying join a gym and do a 5k run everyday, just do little simple exercises like sit ups, leg raises, squats but my tip would be to do them whilst your either listening to the radio or watching your favorite evening tv show, watching you tube videos, anything that when your concentrating on the thing your watching, you wont realize that you can do a lot more that you think you can!

-Drink water! i know its a simple thing that everybody says but it will hydrate your skin in preparation for all the drying sun, help you loose a couple pounds since your not stocking up on sugary carbonated drinks and will also do wonders for you skin, face wise if your going to be sat around the pool make-up free.

A few days before:

-Dry body brushing, get a body brush and wherever your have cellulite or uneven skin brush your skin in an upwards motion towards your heart! do it in a circular motion as well to improve the blood flow and even the skin level out, this will minimize and reduce the appearance although it can not be used as permanent fix, take your body brush away to do it on the go!

-Cut carbs out of your diet a week before you go away, unless you are exercising.. carbs stock up as fat when they are not being burnt and the last thing you want before you go away is to stock up a few more inches to the hips.

- Get in as much exercises as you thing you can do, sit ups and leg raises lay on your side are the best to help stomach fat and inner thighs.

~ Additionally buy swimming costumes/bikinis that are appropriate for your body shape and flatters you in all the right places, get fitted breasts for women with bigger breasts and get the correct patterns in your bikini's as some can make you look wider than you are.


  1. Loved this post! We all leave it till the last minute, but in reality we should be doing this all the time:')
    Hasina x

  2. Haha I always leave it to the last minute too! I find situps and squats work the best. Love your blog, new follower :)

    Bex x

  3. such adorable tops! cute blog :)


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