Friday, 20 July 2012

attempting bleaching DIY

I've seen a lo of posts and videos on DIY/ customised clothing with beads, crochet, studs, bleach, tie die, dip
dye: you name it I've read about it. so the other day in asda I picked up a cheap old plain green long tee for like 2 quid to try something with. I prefer the whole not perfect, shabby chic' grungy type look so I tried to recreate what imagined doing in my head with this top. bleaching it scattered and studding it. the end result wasn't as blended as I ha images and looks a bit mor splashy than I has originally planned. overall I'm more impressed with my studding as a posed to the actual bleach but all in all it's a wearable item. looks a lot more interesting than when I first purchased it and is extremely cheap to make. I you want a step by step what I did to create it please don't hesitate to ask.
thanks for reading,Jade x

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