Tuesday, 24 July 2012

ASOS £100 challenge

I found out from another blog that I read that 'The discounter code blog' are hosting a competition for readers to make their ideal outfit from the clothes available on the ASOS website only and within a limit of £100. Sound pretty simple right? wrong, this was such a difficult task since there's so much selection on ASOS and in today's society 100 quid doesn't get you all that far. I thought this competition was such a great idea, it fun, free and gives you an amazing oppertunity to actually win £100 to shop on ASOS.

I thought i would share with you what I created from the clothes on the ASOS website, I love everything I picked and think it all goes really well together, actually if i did win this competition this would be the exact outfit i'd preferably get, but its not about winning really.. just thought it would be fun & If you guys would like to do it too head over Here to find out more.

River Island Skater Skirt £16.00

ASOS T-Shirt with Quilted Section £18.00

ASOS PARAMOUNT Wedge Court Shoes £30.00

ASOS Metal Frame Clutch Bag £18.00

Models Own Trend Nail Polish Collection £5.00 (shade peach sherbet)

River Island Maisie Sunglasses £10.00

Asos Fox ring £3.00

TOTAL: £100

All in all I chose this outfit because I thought it would be perfect for summer, Tuck the quilted top into the skater skirt to give a more defined figure, the peach polish will look clean and contrast well against the bright lime/yellow bag and your summer tan, plus the gold ring and gold frame work of the sunglasses will match the bags metal rim perfectly.  Colour blocking wedges add a bit more a statement whilst the casual tee still allows it to not look as overdone. Perfect for going day to night, just take of the sunglasses, add some eyelashes and done! 

Hope you guys like


  1. Love it :)! xx

  2. I love your choices! Definitely something I would wear, the ring is lovely. I did this recently and didn't manage to get as much as you for £100 haha xx

  3. aw thank you, i just looked at your asos challenge too.. love your outfit especially the skirt! xx


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