Monday, 9 July 2012

things i want to do this summer

1. Obviously, have an amazing summer holiday sinse im going to turkey with all the girls I know from dance.. it should be amazing!
2. Do a swap with somebody from the blogging community that lives outside the UK like australia/america/italy/spain to get some products we can't get over here.
3. Get a tattoo but i'm not sure if i'm brave enough for this one yet!
4.Take a trip to London to spend the entire day just sight seeing and shopping.
5. Go camping with all my friends again like we used to, good old days.
6. Have a huge BBQ/pool party that last's all day and night.
7.Set up a blogger shop on this blog selling like, customized clothing or anything like that really.
8. learn to drive when I return from holiday if i have enough money.. yayyy!
9.Do a blog sale if enough people are interested.


  1. A product swap would be really lovely! I'm from America if anyone is interested! Xx

  2. I'd so a swap with you, email me if you wish at :) xx


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