Tuesday, 10 July 2012

max factor free gift review

hey all, as many of you will know max factor/boots always have free gift offers when you spend a certain amount of money so since I was picking up their panstick foundation I thought if get a few more things to make up the money to the free gift. ao the free gift did include a sample of mascara, a lipstick in the shade English rose, a £3 off any max factor foundation, a sample of their cream blush and a red bail polish. now the mascara is a pretty good mascara and is a food sample size to just throw in my bag, same with the size of the lipstick although the shade isn't the most flattering on my skin but you never know It could come in handy one say. for the blush, that's the thing I love the most from this gift.. it's so easy to blend into the skin and it's a lovely shade for summer. the voucher domes in handy as I love my panstick foundation so next time I can hopefully get it for £3.99 bargain! and the nail polish I am VERY disappointed at as mine came with the top rim of the glass bottle shattered and a piece broke off when I opened if so I am going to complain to my local boots store! overall it is a good box and it's worth getting If you buy and like max factor products anyway plus it all comes in a cute union jack box so yayyyyy


  1. I wouldn't really complain for freebies because I doubt you can get a refund or exchange for a new item.. :( But that's some good stuff you got for the box!

  2. I'm not expecting anything back I just think they should be aware incase it's happened In others people's cases too, like a default thing and I know the nail varnish itself is gorgeous along with everything else :) xxx


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