Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Payday haul

So the other day was that day most of us all look forward to.. PAYDAY! since theres been a burst of summer sales recently and i've been itching to buy some certain things i thought why not? everybody deserves a treat right? now i'm sure some long time followers are aware that i'm huge on bargains and love sales wayyy too much. infact it's rare I buy a lot of things full price unless I just can't live without them. anyway on with the haul, heres all the things I did purchase from my little shopping trip and a lot of them are very summer based as I am taking them to Turkey with me early september.
So this top is just a cheap top from primark as I was going to an event where I needed to wear red so I was a little like, eeeek I Don't own a lot of red things in my wardrobe but the cute peter pan collar and reduce price to £3.00 made me just pick it up since, i won't really be that fussed if I never wear it again.

 This I picked up from River island, in the huge summer sale reduced from £35.00 to £10.00 which is a bargain! it  fits like a glove, seriously.. this is in a size 8 and it hides everything you want hiding but the slight sinching in at the waist gives you curves in the appropriate places, and as its a play suit it covers everything south end ( if you know what i mean) which is good for nights out.

 Now this one had to be one of my most loved items i've purchased this little shop, again its from primark and only cost me £5.00 reduced from £13.00.. i love how it reminds me of sweets and again fits so well to my body shape. perfect for holiday.

This one is a little bit of a difficult item to photograph purely because of the way it falls, buts its a skater dress, and this one was actually purchased by my boyfriend as a cute little out of the blue gift, again in sale down to £12.00 from topshop.

This dress was a huge bargain at £8.00 which isn't dear anyway reduced down to £3.00.. i loved the grey and lime green contrast with the wrap cut out core body section, I feel it will look amazing with a tan although the studded detailing did not come on the dress, i put that on myself to give it a little bit of 'something more'

Both of these shoes were originally priced at £13.00 each and went down in the sale at dorothy perkins when i took a recent trip to wales for the smidge price of £3.00. WHAT? saving me twenty pound in total I got two pairs of sandals for £6.00

Overall I feel i did get so many good bargains for holiday, becuase I hate paying full price for things to go on holiday with, the way I see it i'm in them a week or two then there in the suitcase on top of the wardrobe untill next year!


  1. Love the play suit, so summery. Great blog!

    Bethany Paige ( X

  2. Love the playsuit :) Great haul, I love finding bargains too! xx


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