Wednesday, 19 December 2012

dry lip season

So it's winter and as we all know winter leads most of us to them dry flakey lips that we hate right? This lead to try and test the lip balms I own because if i'm honest with you I hardly use them as much I should. I just find them a very boring and uninteresting product. All the lip products I use are very inexpensive and simple because of the fact that again I find them boring which is why I haven't been willing to take the plunge and fork out for one. I have two creamy based balms, two gel based balms and two stick based balms.

The next gold balm:
This is a really rich balm that does add a lot of moisture to the lips. Unfortunately it is quite a solid based product so it takes a lot of movement and effort to actually get the product on your finger to apply and I believe I received this in a gift set and I don't think its available to buy individually but don't quote me on that. You can always check the NEXT website.

The Olive lip butter balm:
This one I purchased from Costco but this formula of lip butter is everywhere in your local drugstore. I'm not crazy about the scents it's quite overpowering especially since its being placed directly underneath my nostrils which are soaking up all the olive scents. It does add moisture but I wouldn't say it's 'omg crazy soft lips' you need this one!

Dermavio lip care balm:
( tin) This is gel based again just an average joe tin of balm nothing bad nothing wow. It does what it say's on the tin. moisturizing, easy to use, good formula, nice sturdy packaging.

Dermavio lip care balm:
 ( Stick)  HATE! the smell of this is disgusting it just smells of?? actually i haven't a clue what the scent is but it knock me sick. its just really plastic and also when i'm trying to apply the product it all falls apart which is a massive no no!

Vaseline rosy lips:
Now everybody and their mother had and will own a Vaseline somewhere in their household. Its just an essential. I actually picked this up on a whim because I was staying at my boyfriends house and my lips were feeling really tight and just painfully dry so he took me to tesco to get some other essentials and they only had the pink one in store. Honestly I think I just prefer the original because this does not smell any different, doesn't add a different shade on the lips just does what the normal Vaseline was already doing.

Carmex moisture balm:
This was my first purchase of a carmex product and I don't why I haven't tried them before. I love this product. It is pigmented and actually gives a nice glossy pinky glow to the lips, moisturizes like nothing else does and leaves my lips with a nice minty feeling. Its a very refreshing product and the packaging is so sleek its like a real mini lipstick.

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