Monday, 30 January 2012

whats in my bag.

this tags been going around for a while and I thought why not do it for all those nosey ones out there ayy, althought theres far from anything exciting in my bag trust me!

Ok so as far as bags go this is my current bag im using although I find myself changing it up with a brown river island one. The picture hardly gives its justice but its black leather FCUK limited edition bag ( got it last christmas )  soft leather and simple gold detailing, just easy to pair with anything.

& these are the items which live in my bag, pretty simple and not exciting at alllllllllllll but now you've seen it, my bag would usually be took up with a college folders but I just didnt photograph them as they would of the took up the entire image and as unexciting as this is, i'm sure a photo of paper would be more of a yawnnnnn.

oxo Jade


  1. woop woop love this tag!!

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
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    Follow me x

  2. I love "what's in my bag" posts :)

    I am currently using the sanex deodrant :)

    btw the bag is really nice :)


  3. i love your bag! ahah so fun to see whats in everyones bags
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  4. I love these sorts of posts, such a nosey person!!

    e x

  5. your bag is really organised!


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