Saturday, 28 January 2012

suttle and simple

as many may of seen the new big silver sparkling bling range on nearly every celebs arm called the 'shamballa bracelet' they are a little statement and out there for everyday wear but I guess there nice to throw on for a night out.
This is the shamballa bracelet sold in every shop, you'll find it in your local paper shop in a few days but sarcasm aside they are on the trend uprise as essex star Harry Derbridge has brought out his very own line of them on lovelemonade.

Now this is far from identical but i feel it gets the whole concept of the bracelet and is a lot more suttle and simple for everyday use, or even going on a night out for those less bold people. the simple black bads with a glittering silver bead thrown in is very delicate and in my eyes look a lot nicer and chic' than the LOOK AT THIS BLING BRACELET.
best part its around £2.00 from primark

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  1. i want one of these they are so cute xx

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