Sunday, 22 January 2012

New year New hair.

Since it was anew year and I was getting tired of the same old hair colour which i had kept the same for a whole 13 months ( OMG RECORD). I thought it was time for a change since I had previously been a Golden copper ginger/blonde highlights & my natural colour was a golden chocolate brown so I wanted something a little more natural. Obviously with me having blonde highlights it meant my hair was more prone to damage because of the bleach and other harmful products and it just needed some ' life' to it, heres what I picked up
       Roughly around the £5.00 region, although I would go a tone lighter than you want as the shades run a little dark
 This is the overall colour I was aiming for.. a chocolate medium brown
 In my opinion it looks a lot healtthier and makes it look thicker way more lively
( excuse the face)
& This is what it was like before hand, looking a little fragile and flimsy

~ So what do you think?


  1. Its way better now! :)

  2. aw thank you, wanted something a little more 'healthier' xx

  3. U look great Jade! But u also looked good as a blonde, u have the righ light skin colour to pull off the blonde;)I know i couldn't it would look forced on me cus i'm just a brunette:p
    And the brown looks gorgeous, it has lighter shades and all, u look good honey;)

  4. Thank you Ana & your hairs beautiful xx


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