Monday, 23 January 2012

make up accumulation..

Thought about doing this for a while but these type of posts always get hate'on cause of the whole bragging scenario but I thought what the heck i'll do it!
Heres my make up collection and storage blog post & i guess this is where i insert my
" im not bragging about my collection sentecne here" but in all fairness i'm not because realisticly I dont have a lot of make up in comparrison to others & this is enough for me although my continues make up obsession is growing.
So first of all this is a little woven basket which i use to keep my sample products Im needing to use and current day and night cream in. I have a box under my bed with other skin care products.

This is my makeup storage system it was around £20.00 from B&Q, it does the job and i find it very practical and looks a bit more chic' that the average plastic storage.

In the first drawer is all of my face products, foundations, blush, concealer and bronzer. The storage is pretty handy as the drawers are quite big and deep, they hold around 6 of my foundations, 10 blushers/bronzers and my bronzing pearls tub.

In the seconds drawer is my eyeshaddow section with single eye shaddows and a couple small compact eye pallettes like elizabeth arden sunshine and No.7.

The next one contains all of my eyeliners, pencils and mascara's plus my eyelash curlers just to make it easier for me in the mornings.

 & in the last of the drawers are all of my lip products, lip liners, balms, gloss's and lipsticks.

Then my brushes are kept in these two little jam jar pots because I think they're kinda cute & match my room decor' one holds face brushes and the other holds eye brushes.

Then all my nail polishes...
are stored in the metal caged square bowl wich im not sure where I got it put it does the trick.

~hope you enjoyed.


  1. You have an awesome collection! :)

  2. thanks, i think you should do one.. i'd love to see what makeup you have
    & i love your blog :)

  3. You've got such a lovely blog! I love your header it super cute, Check out my blog :) Following you now :)

    Jazz xo


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