Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Avon upgrade

Well i've been purchasing a lot of Avon products for some time now and I love their packaging of products have always seemed to leave some room to be desired, well some of thier eyeshaddow compacts atleast, both of these products were purchased within 6 months of eachother and both were free in a " spend more than £10 and get.." offer.
In the first compact you see theres a clear casing on top of the eyeshaddows that did have avon printed on it but that has seemed to of rubbed of now, plus the packaging collects all the product although with the newest free gift I recieved has clearly had some TLC on it with the big mirror inside when you open it, avon is actually carved on to the top of compact so it wont rub off and theres more of a 'click' when you close it, good progress in my opinion.

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