Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Review: Avon shine attract

I placed this order around 3 weeks ago and have been looking forward to it for AGES! I adore avon lip products and havnt come across one that I dont love yet. Untill now unfortunatly..

Now I had seen this product advertised in a few previous brochures and loved the concept although its priced at around £9.00 I was a little scepticle to purchase it before doing some research but when I got the the current brochure I saw that when you bought the shine attract lipstick priced at £5.00 may I add you got to choose a free lip liner. bargain!

If you are unfamiliar with this concept it's basically a lipstick surrounded by a gel gloss formula to give you the colour of a lipstick with a slight bit of shine. basically a 2-in-1 product. This is the lipstick which I ordered in the shade 'guava' I belive I was so excited when my little package came because of my high expectations for this product but it didn't live up to my standards.
It isnt that pigmented due to too much gloss around the lipstick making it hard to get any colour on the lips. Not to mention the gloss is wayyyyy to glittery.

The good:
Nice sleek packaging, easy to twist and a secure lip
A good concept and clever idea, just needs a little more work put into it.
Taste's nice

The bad:
not true to colour and lacks pigmentation due to too much gloss.
just full of massive chunks of glitter and too disco ball for my preference.
a little too sticky.

 Now moving on to the FREE lip liner which in my opinion turned out to be the best thing I got.
Its so true to colour, very creamy and a twist up aplication to you dont have to faff around with sharoeners. Im not sure how much this is on its own to buy I would imagine around the £6.00 price tag.

The good:
True to colour, so pigmentened and easy to apply
Good application and packaging making it easy to use on the go and to travel with.
Creamy and smooth on the lips giving moisture and not settleing into fine lines and cracks.

The bad:
It did snap on me on my first use although i feel that may of been me heavy handed, no worry tho i managed to fix it perfectly.

Swatches: Above the lip liner in pink bouquet. Below the very dificult to swatch glitterny clear lip stick.

Hope it helped xox.

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