Saturday, 25 February 2012

False Lash review.

I love wearing false lashes & I use them all the time, expensive ones, inexpensive one and for me theres really no difference as long as you have a secure glue ( I use DUO) . In body care I picked up these £0.99p lashes which were a steal.

I dont understand why people pay rediculous prices for lashes, i mean they all do the same job right & who is really going to notice a 99p pair of lashes as aposed to a £10.99p pair. not me thats for sure!


As you can see my lashes are some what sparse short and just all over the place.


Now they dont look exactly on my lash line becauase they arn't I mearly put the lashes on for the sake of this phorograph so usually I would put eyeliner on to make them blend in. But as the lashes go I think they look longer and fuller.


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