Friday, 24 February 2012


Popped into boots the other day just to have a mooch around all the cosmetics and cheer my little self up & to be fair there wasn't a lot that caught my eye but then I came across the rimmel london stand. After watching the ad on TV for the rimmel london wake me up foundation i thought eyyy, i'll give that a pop as my healthy mix foundation was running a little dry. with the foundation being £8.99 and there being a 3 for 2 offer i thought i'd pikc up two cheap-er cosmetics just because i'm a sucker for those offers so additionally I picked up a lasting finish lip liner in O11 Spice and a nail varnish and apracott punch.

First impresions this foundation is one of rimmels best but if you would like i'd do a full indepth review with photographs of it on my skin.
  Nail varnish in appricot punch, a very spring time colour i'm so excited to try!

It was hard to focus becuase i've had to take all images on my phone, One the prowl for a new HD camera!

&just a little heads up i've been thinking of doing a giveaway soon but i'm unsure on what you guys would like to win so any suggestions or emails would be appreciated :) xx


  1. That foundation I've found to be great!, also I love the nail polish colour :)X

  2. love the colour of the nail varnish, very summery xx


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